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Your Next Escape In Europe Must Be a Road Trip

  • Different road trips you could take from our suggestions.

You like traveling a lot but the final preparations before going on vocations stress you out? I feel you!

You want to escape from your daily monotony and discover the most beautiful landscapes and marvelous places, but the thought of catching a plane and having to make a schedule of booking plane tickets, hotel rooms, rent cars at the airport and so forth, really frustrates you.

That’s why it’s about time for you to switch back to a more comfortable, traditional way of traveling by taking Road Trips. Drive to your preferred destinations, or if you don’t have a vehicle, you can simply rent one.

In this article, we are going to reveal the top 3 best route trips in Europe that we have picked for your next runaway.

Get inspired and plan your next cruise.

Atlantic Road - Norway

Atlantic Road in Norway
Aerial drone shot of stunning Atlantic Road in Norway.

Alright, just take your time and be open to experience all your senses because the Atlantic Road will make you create some fantastic memories for life!

Atlantic Ocean Road is known as ‘’The Road in the Ocean’’, with about seven bridges that allow the pathway to ‘’chase’’ islands in the sea like a huge snake. By 2009, the highway became the most visited Norwegian tourist allures.

The marvelous route is known to be the world’s most incredible drive. It was opened in 1989 and is toll-free. The Atlantic Road has National Tourist Route status, enough to mention the entire stretch between Kristiansund city – Norway’s finest natural harbor – and Bud, – known as one of the most amazing driveways in the world.

Here at Ergan Coastal Fort, you can experience the World War II history as there are several historical war memorials marked with information boards along the way.

You can go there by car, and fortunately, there are many different spots where you can easily park your car while stopping to eat or getting some rest.

You know what they say, ‘’Estimated time on the trip is driving time only.’’

Pack your stuff and make life more exciting and adventurous by self-driving through one of the most incredible avenues in Europe. The curiosity of what you may find there surely is thrilling.

It’s is undoubtedly not to be missed!

The Romantic Road – Germany

Romantic Road in Germany
Romantic Road in Germany.

Ah…The Romantic Road in Germany is a true gem. A very popular tourist route that spans between Wurzburg – an architectural treasure of the UNESCO World Heritage List,– and Fussen – one of the most impressive Bavarian holiday countries, located at the southern end of the Romantic Road,– revealing in numerous villages.

There are about 28 stops on the official map of the German Romantic alley and some of these villages and towns are so small that you can drive through them in less than 15 seconds. The best way to take a course on Romantic Road is either by car or bicycle. Having a vehicle makes it easier for you to set your schedule and enables you to go see what you like or do what you wish. You can even explore it on foot, depending on your mood.

All visitors usually find themselves to be in some of the most breathtaking and most historic places in the country when they go to the ‘’Romantic Road’’. There is plenty to be seen, whether you’re spending a few days or several weeks.

Ring Road – Iceland

Ring Road
Icelandic Landscape.

If you are searching for an unforgettable road trip, Ring Road in Iceland won’t disappoint you.

This artery was completed in 1974, with the opening of the longest bridge in Iceland, which crosses the Skeiðará river in southeast Iceland. Iceland’s stunning Ring Road encircles the entire country covering more than 800 miles on Route 1.

The best way to explore this stunning scenery is by either renting a car or by driving through the “Ring” avenue. That will expose you to the sparkling rainbows, icy galleries, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful horses day after day.

Not to mention the spectacular view of the northern lights in Iceland, if you are lucky enough to be available of taking trips in the winter season. The best time of the year to see the incredibly magical Northern Lights in Iceland is between August-April. Although the tourist season in Iceland runs from May-August since those are the months with the most daylight! Therefore, it has its advantages to visit Iceland during winter.

Many bus tours drive the route, but I am certain that the best way to go is by self-driving. That means you can stop anywhere you wish, for as long as you want to.

Complete freedom is what we all need when we seek to escape from our everyday stress.

Just go and have the best time of your entire life. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures, because there are countless ‘’photography –friendly’’ destination areas for you to take wonderful pictures.

You might even end up staying an extra day for that matter.

No stress, stop where you wish, stay as long as you want, come back when suitable.

Get yourself ready for a ‘’love affair’’ between nature and culture and discover these stunning places with your beloved ones or by yourself.

Bon Voyage!