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Your Favorite Celebrities Giving Unusual Sex Tips

  • John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.
  • What about the momager, Kris Jenner.
  • More sex tips from celebrities.

You know one of the things that make life compelling? Sex. GREAT SEX.

Orgasms are pretty much the answer to a lot of things, and no, you are not the only one who craves and upholds a sex life that is out of this world, some of your favorite celebrities do too! Celebrities have once in a while gone full throttle about relinquishing some of the most intricate details about their sex lives.

Whether you are a guy making out with a girl for the first time, or you’ve been married for 10 years trying to reignite your spark, here are some of the craziest, most talked about celebrity sex tips that can help spice it up for you:

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at the MTV Video Music Awards.

You ever wittily talked to your partner about their butthole? Talk of celebrity couple goals.

We can't discount the fact that John and Chrissy are bracketed as Hollywood's most beloved couple. The hot model and the “All Of Me” hitmaker have constantly decorated our Instagram feeds with cute family pictures that scream nothing but perfection.

Chrissy specifically has always been open about her sex life, and can't resist describing her intimate personal mementos with John Legend.

While being interviewed by Cosmopolitan back in 2014, the couple confessed to having officially had a taste of  “The mile-high club.” We were on our way to see my parents flying commercial first-class…” They were actually under a blanket when they decided to get down and have some!! …I feel like we should get a trophy for that” admitted Chrisy.

You may as well sneak up a plane bathroom the next time you’re flying with your partner.

Steaming it Up With The Kardashians

The Kardashians
The Kardashian - Jenners at the Kardashian Kollection Launch Party.

Hate them or love them, this clan of sassy women has given us something to be fed on from skincare routines to relationships advice and oh well juicy sex tips.  The Kardashian’s decade is undeniably one of the sexiest ones and the Kardashian women still encompass nothing short of an enigma to sex goddesses.

What about the momager, Kris Jenner?

The reality Tv star has consistently been touted as a legendary mom. Besides aging like fine wine, the 60-year-old mother of 5, is having some glamorous sex, a lot of it! While most mums would typically shy away from talking about sex, Kris gives sex tips to hers. She cut us some slack on what she thought about erotic escapades at the 50th Cosmopolitan birthday party.

“Have a lot of it!” she said. The Kardashian matriarch has admitted that to her, sex is healthy and was quoted saying: “Why not? They say it keeps you young, so I’m in!”

Well, it seems Kris Jenner’s anti-aging techniques are not a secret anymore.

Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell at the Twentieth Century Fox Presentation.

“A man should have a good understanding of a vagina. He should be good at oral sex”.

This line from Jammie Bell got lots of women wishing they were Kate Mara, just for a night. Or maybe they wouldn’t mind a threesome, would they? Can we hang out sometime, Jamie?

Thing is, 70 % of women are unflinchingly obsessed with having their partners heads in between their legs. Oral sex heightens your woman’s propensity to reaching orgasm and gets them readier for the real act.

Oral sex should be fundamental in foreplay, and that's no brainier. 

 In a rather raunchy interview with Britains GQ magazine, Jamie Bell responded: “Have an understanding of what's going on down there and have some fun, awesome sex.”

When asked about what skill he felt every man should possess, Jamie Bell zeroed down on understanding a woman’s anatomy, and women couldn’t agree more.

 There you have it guys. Forget changing her tires or buying her roses. Women can do those for themselves. Just get a fire tongue game.  Blow her mind! 

Wise advice: be gentle, it’s a clitoris, not a Dj’s booth!

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

“Have sex in your friend’s house”

 The Girls Trip star has had the nitty-gritty of her marriage to actor Will Smith out in the open. Will Smith and Jada Smith are that freaky couples we can't help but love.

Being spontaneous is one perfect and candid way of achieving sexual napalm, but sex in his or her office? Maybe, maybe not.

Jada Smith is not one to walk on eggshells when a topic on sex surfaces, she says it as it is!

Spencer Pratt: “Make it a habit to buy sex toys.”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at Operation Smile's 7th Annual Smile Gala.

The reality TV star advised couples to go on a shopping spree and get their hands on every sex toy they can. If you quite don’t get a hang of it, I’d recommend an episode of 50 Shades of Grey for a steamy night. Consider it a favor from us. Say no to a boring sex life and try out something entirely different! So don’t freak out on sauntering into a sex shop to get some glass dildos, vibrators, or whatever you love.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas arrives at the "Sucker Punch" World Premiere.

Somewhere in between “Camp Rock” and ‘The Cake by the Ocean” the Disney star evolved into somehow into a sex guru.

In a recent interview, Joe admitted to leaning more on the experimental, kinky side of the’ getting freaky’ bell curve.

 “I feel like I’m free in my life to speak about it, and yeah, everyone should try a little bit of something new in the bedroom.”

The 2nd eldest Jonas brother openly admitted being into whips, leather, and costumes to spice things up. While pain infliction is not that commonplace, it is a good idea you could experiment with. Didn’t you know? New and creative sexual experiences trigger dopamine release to your brain, and your sex drive is likely to shoot up!! So get those costumes, tie up to some light bondage, get on that sex swing and let's get freaky!!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow attends the premiere of 'Contagion' during the 68th Venice Film Festival.

Gwyneth Paltrow discovered anal sex, and the second part of her life began! Heterosexual anal intercourse has gradually gained fanatics in recent times, and she seems to be at the forefront. For some, however, anal sex is still viewed as going against the cultural grain. The truth is that more couples are experimenting with the backdoor position. On her, widely publicized website, Goop, the actress has highlighted some of the pivotal tips for anal sex, basically a guide.

   Make sure you have consent from your partner.

   Lube is non-negotiable

   Don’t be fooled by what anal sex looks like in the blue movies.

Gwyneth is promptly taking freaky to a whole new level, and who said women can't find anal exciting?

James Deen

James Deen
Actor James Deen attends 'The Canyons' Photocall during The 70th Venice International Film Festival.

Depending on where you know him from, it is indisputable that James Deen is an immortal when it comes to romping. Deen is a sublime, if not a famous name in the adult film industry, okay porn. When he got interviewed on Reddit about what sex advice he would offer men, James Deen hit the bull’s eye on our erotic map.

 “Communicate. Have sex WITH her.” Talk to your partner, know what they love and what works for them. You don’t want to be all up on your woman and she’s low key thinking about taco Tuesday.

The award-winning porn star went ahead to say, “Don’t try to impress her or be someone else. Just be a pair together and have fun!’

While sex tips are relative and can't quite work out the same for everyone, some of the tips above may come in handy.  So, If you’ve been wondering how your favorite celebrities never run out rabbits to pull out of their magic hats, well, there you go!