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Follow These Daily Routines To Never Grow Old

  • What to learn from a good daily routine.
  • How does routine affect our life.
  • How to invest in your alone time.
  • Finding the right spot to heal your mind and body.

Growing old is an inevitable reality. I won’t call it fear, but truth is that a lot of people never want to grow old, or at least not yet.

Don’t we all want to look at the mirror decades from now and still be the fairest of them all?

The good news is that the "secrets" of staying young are no secrets anymore!

Here are some of the simple daily routines that will make you feel younger from inside and out: 

Laugh More

Baby laughing
Baby with flu laughing.

One of the secrets to healthy living is to notice the small things.

Smile and laugh a lot! One very simple recipe for looking and feeling young is to stay happy. Hold onto that connection with your inner child and allow it to come out and play occasionally. Studies reveal that smiling and laughing make you look younger and more attractive. Live for those moments when you laugh so hard you can’t breathe.

When you laugh, blood circulation is improved, to the head and the heart. A lot of your muscles such as the diaphragm, shoulders and are abdomen muscles are exercised. Laughing also suppresses the levels of stress releasing hormones, which can cause premature aging. What can act as a better distraction from all the twists and turns of life better than a good laugh? Laughter also triggers our brains to release feel-good hormones, which are healthy for healthy social bonds.

Embrace And Invest In Your Alone Time

Young smiling woman
Young smiling woman reading fiction literature relaxing at home.

How often do you create time for yourself? Solitude is good for you. Taking some time off your busy schedule to just reconnect with your thoughts and recharge your batteries is one habit I feel we should all take up. As lonely as it may sound, especially if you lean more on the extroverted end of the spectrum, here are some benefits of spending some time alone:

It enhances self-sufficiency and scraps off the part of you that is fully dependent on other people.

Our lives are configured in a way that has prompted us to believe that we are entirely dependent on other people, be it our families, friends, colleagues, neighbors or bosses. We’ve created a limited stereotype of life that glosses over a broader diversity, and this shouldn’t be the case. Isn’t freedom an incentive to feeling young? Absolutely yes.

It allows your mind to showcase its creativity

Sometimes, solitude provides a window into your most intimate thoughts by helping you to think out of the box. When we are constantly in other people’s presence, we find ourselves conforming to their way of thinking and doing things. By being alone, however, you find your voice, you listen to your thoughts and discover amazing things about yourself daily while remaining vibrant and motivated.

It helps you recharge your brain

Our brains are not immune to fatigue. They can get tired very often. Whether you choose to do some yoga, read a good book or just meditate and do nothing else, alone time gives your brain a break.

Meditation is a stress reliever

Group of young people
Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lessons with an instructor.

There is a very thick line between alone time and loneliness. Allow your mind to roam, let it wander away from the constrictions of age, status or any other factors that constantly put pressure in our lives. If you do this daily your mind will remain young and avid for a much longer time!

Create a Healthy Mental Space

Mental space and health are finally getting the attention they deserve, and it is doing humanity big favor.

People walk around with so much baggage, and unfortunately, they tend to dump their pieces of baggage on everyone else. In the long run, such people end up having wavy, tainted relationships and almost nothing to look forward at a personal level. The final result is growing old, visible both physically and mentally.

Don’t be part of these statistics!

Stress, anxiety, and depression are a threat to your mental health and tend to contribute to premature aging. Okay, the way our lives are wired, it is almost impossible to eliminate emotional distress.

I mean, we get stuck in traffic all the time, run late and all that, but we should be bigger than our everyday problems. You’ve had a bad day at the office? Take a walk. Call you're a funny friend and have a good laugh. Blast your favorite music, seek therapy, just anything as long as it makes you feel better.

When we are anxious, depressed or stressed, our brain is triggered to release a stress hormone, cortisol, which affects our brains’ ability to retrieve memories, our immune systems and will generally make you feel older.

Your Brain Needs Some Exercise Too

We often get too consumed by wanting to maintain a young physical appearance that we forget about the mental aspects of our bodies. Growing old also has a lot to do with what you know and how you think. 

Numerically, age is just a number. It is also possible for our spirits and our souls to feel young and vibrant too. Feed your mind with something new daily. We may have limited control over our body cells’ ability to stay young and keep multiplying, but we do possess total control over our mental capacities.

Every day, ensure you exert some mental energy, either through reading, writing playing a mind game. One key way of keeping our brains sharp in the long haul, and being super cool grannies is to be informed.

Yoga Will Make You Feel So Good

The first few days of yoga classes can feel awkward, depending on your flexibility. But that’s not the point. Yoga is a proven lucid therapy, both physical and emotional. The benefits of yoga are vast, ranging from maintaining your flexibility, stabilizing your mental health, improving blood circulation, perfecting body posture and strengthening your immunity. 

If you constantly feel fit and alive, you are rewarded by a more youthful look and perspective.