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The Millennials Dilemma: To Follow Money Or Their Passions?

  • Talking about millennial friends.
  • What are some of their characteristics and specialists.
  • How did globalization affect millennial's.

There is a huge misconception for millennials, with people perceiving them as lazy, lacking the desire to work and make money.

Millennials are a demographic of individuals born between 1981 and 1997. It follows Generation X and precedes Generation Z.

What do Millennials want?

Are they trying to make more money or just following their passions?

It is never too late to know how much money you want to make and what passions are you going to follow in your life. Money is the driving force among this generation, but what truly keeps them going is to achieve true happiness and following their passions.

Did you know?

Millennials buy way more than their parents did while earning 20 percent less. All this in an economy where prices are skyrocketing and money doesn’t have the buying power it used to.

Did you know that student loans are double the size compared to the last generation? If you fall under the millennial category, you will need to work your whole life to barely be able to pay debts, mortgage, taxes or bills.

But millennials are the dream chasers.

Making money by following a passion is what millennials are all about. They live life to the fullest or at least trying to, rebelling against 9-5 jobs, not wanting to be like their parents or grandparents. If they are going after something they feel passionate about, the effort put will be the highest. They seek freedom, but mostly that of the mind.

Female friends on vacation shopping
Two female friends on vacation shopping.

“It is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”,- said Nelson Mandela in his fight for freedom. Every millennial became part of that ideal, a mutual feeling of excitement that made the world step forward.

South Africa has produced another role-model of this generation, Elon Musk. In this ever-changing environment, Musk won people's hearts with his passion for what he does and brings to the world. He keeps it real and entertaining.

The “I will do it myself in my own way” clicks so much with millennials. Probably the biggest business influence we’ve got.

Also, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made our lives a lot easier. Being able to create, edit, share and receive in real-time allowed us to fast forward tasks that took a long time before. Social media is filled with influencers advertising all kinds of brands and millennials love it. Following hundreds of Instagram and YouTube channels to find out more over their area of interest.

Globalism changed the way we travel and buy. Millennials seek adventure, always ready to explore new places and experiences. But without money, it is difficult to fulfill their goals and dreams. This generation has a lot to worry about, feeling stressful and living a cycle every day. They need to be strong-willed and focus on achieving their goals.

This is the only way to leave a mark on the world just as those who started the new Millennium. Following their passions and accomplishing their goals will lead them to a happier life.