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Top 3 Ways To Keep Staying Motivated

  • Clarify what needs to get done.
  • Find out what motivates you.
  • Self-motivation through visualization.

When it comes to achieving goals, motivation is a big issue for everyone. Bosses and companies want their employees to be barely able to stay on the office chairs with energy and to motivate themselves to jump into every task. Employees have the desire to find work enjoyable and to be on the way to work every day. Even in the private sphere, everyone is looking for motivation. Whatever we start, we want to stand behind it, get involved.

Regardless of whether it is a job, hobby, sport, volunteering or starting your own business: motivation is a fundamental success factor.

But what is motivation, how to never fear the lack of it and what makes us lose it? 

Do you sometimes find it difficult to pick yourself up? Upcoming tasks keep many of us busy forever. And whenever we are about to do what we set out to do, another task suddenly seems to be more important than the one we already had. If you know this from yourself, we have a few good tips for you:

Tip 1: At the beginning clarify what needs to get done

Checking calendar
Colleagues working with a calendar app

Before you start a task, you should be clear about the following: Does what you have to do need to be done? That may sound strange, but sometimes we block ourselves from a task because we subconsciously feel that the task is not so important, that the task is unnecessary, or that someone else should do it.

Therefore, make a clear decision at the beginning for or against this task. Maybe you can delegate them? Maybe it's not that important? Then stop it.

But if you have to do something, make a conscious and clear choice for this task and do it.

Tip 2: Find out what motivates you personally and use this knowledge

Reset Realign Restart
Motivational phrases

What motivates you most? Money? Recognition? When a task is difficult? If you can work with others? What exactly is it that you are attracted to? Each of us has certain things that motivate him, and each of us has things that demotivate him.

The trick is to find out what motivates and demotivates us. Because when we find out, it is often the key to success.

If you know what motivates you, you can design your tasks accordingly. Suppose you have to write a thesis and you know that you prefer to work in a team. Then you can create motivation by trying to write a thesis with someone (you can do this in many subject areas). The point is that you can design your tasks. Do it according to your needs. If you know what motivates you, you can use this knowledge for self-control.

Tip 3: Self-motivation through visualization

Businessman meditating
Visualization- a technique in meditation used for self-improvement

If you want to motivate yourself for a task, imagine in your mind's eye how you can accomplish the task with joy and vigor. Paint that in bright colors and think of the moment you did this task - how good and relieved you feel and how proud you are.