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Top 3 Practices To Actually Enjoy Indoors

The basic principle of hygge is to feel present and enjoy quality time with your family inside your home. You have to learn to enjoy the simple things in life. You don't need expensive things to enjoy the time spent indoors. By practicing hygge, Nordics have succeeded in finding pleasure in small gestures, such as drinking a coffee. Let's find out more about their approach and how you can practice hygge to make the time spent indoors enjoyable and fun in every season:

1. Light up candles

Danish people love candles and this is the easiest way of practicing hygge. Light up as many candles as you can, in various forms, and different scents. Candles will add warmth, comfort, creating a cozy ambiance to your home and lift your spirits up. If Danish people will be asked what item they associate most with hygge, nearly 80% of them will respond in no time: candles. So, prepare your stash of candles, even better they can be scented candles such as pine or cinnamon, and light up the atmosphere, making it cozy and relaxing. They will give you positive vibes!

2. Indulge yourself mindfully

Do you wonder what do we mean with this? Well, hygge is about taking a break from healthy eating habits, but not forget entirely about them. You must find a balance and indulge yourself once in a while. Hygge is about taking the time to enjoy the process of preparing the food and savoring it. On the list of hygge comfort foods, you can include cakes, chocolate, popcorn. So, you can make a big bowl of popcorn and share it with your loved ones while enjoying an excellent movie. Or you can drink a tasty hot chocolate from your favorite mug. You will feel so good, and you will enjoy those moments indoors, for sure.

3. Engage in relaxing activities

Prepare a bowl of popcorn, light some scented candles, take a comfortable blanket, and find a movie or a TV series that you love watching. Or you can consider reading that book that you hadn't had the chance or time to catch up lately, with a cup of cappuccino next to you. Or maybe you enjoy petting your cat or dog. You get the picture.

Find suitable relaxing activities indoors that you enjoy most and make the best of them.