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Top 3 Positive Things Coronavirus Brought To The World After All

This virus is causing great physical and economic misery and unfortunately, life loses. The real weight will fall on the old, the weak and the poor.

Is there any room left to feel optimistic about this situation?

We tried to…

Having said that, let move on to 3 positive things we could see out of this situation:

1-The Help in Climate Change

Hope concept
Praying and free bird and COVID-19 on nature background

Something unusual is happening. This is not just about the death, sadness, and hurt it has already brought. Also not about the closing of borders and bars, schools and a lot of other things we once used to have.

In China and Italy, the air is now cleaning. Venice’s Grand Canal, normally polluted by boat traffic, is clear. In Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, the cloud of pollution has vanished. Global carbon radiations have dropped.

Coronavirus has led to an unusual closedown of economic activity and a severe decrease in the use of fossil fuels. In China, actions to restrain the virus in February only created a reduction in the carbon of an evaluated 25%. 

The Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air concludes that this is equal to 200 million tons of carbon dioxide. That's more than half of yearly Britain's carbon portions.

Answer to the pandemic appears to be producing a positive effect on these measures.

Thinking long-term: will the virus relief or hurt the climate?

Our answer to this health crisis will develop a climate emergency for decades to come. The attempts to revive economic activity — the stimulus plans, bailouts and back-to-work programs being promoted now — will help define the state of our economies and our lives for the future. They will have impacts on carbon emissions that reflect across the planet for thousands of years.

2-The Improvement of Family Fundaments

Digital modern family
Portrait of a family using digital devices while sitting on the floor

We need to decide what we are going to do with all this time in our hands. Many hours we will now be spent with our loved ones.

In recent years technology, besides being a helpful tool has affected our relations with other people. Mostly for good, but sometimes we get too lost behind a screen rather than going out and meeting someone we care about.

On the other hand, many health programs nowadays are online, assisting families worldwide to surpass this situation with physical and psychological guidance.

3- A Slap to the Economies (interest rates negative?)

Los Angeles City being empty
Aerial view of empty freeway streets with no people in downtown Los Angeles California USA due to coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 virus outbreak and quarantine

While it's difficult to guess what a negative-interest-rate economy would impact the USA’s economy, its citizens are prepared at least mentally for that scenario. Japan and several countries over Europe have held negative interest rates for years.

After the current Federal rate cut, which brought the Federal base rate down to between 0% and .25%, the idea that the United States might have adverse interest rates shortly. This is becoming more of a reality than ever before.

The goal of negative, interest rates is to support borrowing and purchasing by consumers. If rates are low, the price of borrowing is low, which means people will use money. 

Negative interest rates though, are not a favored method to spur the economy and are usually employed as a last hope to try and grow the economy through hard economic conditions.