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Top 3 Of World's Best Restaurants Reopening After Pandemic Lockdown

The “World’s Top 50 Best Restaurants” awards for 2020 got postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic outbreak.

William Drew, Director of Content for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants said in a statement: “Given the circumstances globally, in 2020 we will put all our efforts into helping the restaurant sector to fight for its future, as well as assisting in the work that chefs and restaurateurs are themselves doing to help others”.

Therefore, the latest list, the one from 2019, still stands strong. These famous restaurants are slowly getting back to their feet, of course adapting to the “new normal”. Which are some of these top restaurants and what changes are they applying after the pandemic lockdown?


Mirazur, France

Chef Mauro Colagreco was at the top of his game until the restaurant was closed in mid-March due to the pandemic outbreak.

He’s been working on a new, challenging menu. In the guest’s arrival, they will be offered a pouch for storing their mask, and also a small bottle of hand sanitizer. After this process, they’ll be led to the restaurant garden for a pre-dinner apéro where they’re going to be served amuse-bouches.

The experience will then continue inside to the dining room, where people can dip their hands in individual earthenware bowls that will be filled with hand washing, disinfectant solution and flower petals, fruit and leave. It’s a very elegant way to satisfy post-pandemic hygiene codes.


Noma, Denmark

As Denmark starts to reopen, lucky Danes got a chance to have a new Noma experience.

When Noma announced that it would be reopening, no one thought they’d be back with a whole new concept: An outdoor wine bar with only two burgers on the menu: one meat, one vegetarian.

In a statement on their website, the Noma team said, "On Thursday, May 21st, at 1pm, we will open an outdoor wine bar in our beautiful gardens at noma, overlooking the lake we share with our neighbors in Christiania. Come as you are, there are no reservations, we are open for everyone."

That was a shocking turn as it was perhaps the most difficult reservation to secure and paying hundreds of dollars to dine and drink.

After opening the wine bar, Redzepi plans to reopen the original, new Noma in due time.

"Being closed for so long means that it will take weeks for our team to get the kitchen back to the levels we were at before closing. We do not yet have an official opening date for the restaurant to share, but we will have more information on this very soon."


Gagan, Thailand

Last year during November, chef Anand embarked on a new trajectory with the opening of his new restaurant, Gaggan Anand, in Bangkok. However, after a great initial run, the pandemic came changing things dramatically.

Anand says: “Things will not be the same for a long time now and we all must adapt, understand and not get frustrated.” What has come out clearly is that the number of covers getting filled up in the restaurant will not be possible due to social distancing and it will take some time for things to settle down? “The biggest impact is we will not have a full house nor shall we have a waiting list. So, it will be a slow and steady path to recovery.”

The one positive that rose during this crisis according to Anand, is the stress on cleanliness and hygiene. For both consumers and staff safety is going to be key and hygiene standards will need to be adhered to without compromising.

“The food industry is all set to change to become cleaner. Chefs have to understand that hygiene is above everything else. You need to have better safety standards as most people eat with their hands,” he says.