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Top 3 Most Amazing Wineries In The World

Almost all alcohol consumers love wine. It is not only a drink, but it’s also a passion with great work and devotion behind. There are many special ways to preserve wines, some of which most probably you haven’t heard of. And the places which this process takes place, are quite astounding. This is why we will take you on a virtual tour to the top 3 most amazing wine cellars in the world because who knows; maybe one of these wineries is located in one of your post-COVID-19 destinations.

Sottomarino Winery, San Francisco, California

Sottomarino Winery is considered to be the new life for an old submarine training vessel.

That’s exactly why it is a winery you won't soon forget; its housing in an old submarine training vessel on a man-made island will impress you.

People can go underwater and sip Italian wine varietals in the USS Buttercup submarine itself. It was built by the navy during World War II to train submarine crews.

Besides the great wine, people can also admire vintage submarine parts and authentic historic markings made during the war.

If you’re a bit claustrophobic and need to get some air, there’s the top-level submarine deck. It offers an open-air wine tasting experience and has a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay waterfront.

Edivo Vina Winery, Croatia

The Edivo Vina wines are aged underwater for more than a year.

It is only about an hour's drive away from Dubrovnik and it is perfect for oenophiles to dive (literally) into one of the world's most unique wineries.

The new winery is located off the coast of Drae on the Pelješac Peninsula, and it is located underwater.

The Edivo Vina wines are stored in tightly-corked amphorae and are aged for one or two years in a sunken boat that serves as an underwater cellar.

According to the owners: “The ocean's naturally cool temperature and complete silence vastly improve the quality of the wine”.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, you can always grab a bottle online and drink it by the shore.


Bodegas El Grifo, Canary Islands


The first places that come to mind for a wine country isn’t exactly an arid volcanic island covered in lava, right?


But Lanzarote's jet-black almost lunar landscape has been very surprisingly hospitable to growing the Malvasia grapes. And let’s be fair: hasn’t been a house for much else.

On the island the oldest and best winery is considered to be Bodegas El Grifo, established more than 200 years ago.

You can explore its quite unusual lava gravel vineyards for yourself and sample some of its award-winning and very much amazing Malvasia wine.