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Top 3 Destinations We Are Daydreaming About From Our Office

We all find ourselves sitting back daydreaming about being elsewhere, far from where we are, whether as a result of a stressful routine, or many other factors.

Maybe that movie that you watched last night was to blame, or the book that you slept in, the idea is that we all crave several places to explore in this world.
Some of us are based on what we have heard, seen, and some others may have already been there, but still, we all have a certain feeling for it nonetheless.

I love to discover new places, exploring new things, falling in love with nature and all its distinction.

I am always on a lookout for amazingly unusual destinations to visit.
There are three places I have in mind, which I want to share with you, especially one of which, I have set foot in and it has never left my mind and my heart.


1. Greenwich Park

When you enter Greenwich Park you start with the Prime Meridian.

It is something so different which makes you feel privileged that you are standing in front of it. It is a line of longitude that divides the Earth into two hemispheres. All the history and geography lessons altogether, and now you are experiencing it.

Look at it. Observe. It’s such an overwhelming rush of feelings.
Right behind the Meridian, your eyes follow the Royal observatory. It is huge, breathtaking.
That view leaves you speechless for a good amount of minutes. That is the perfect spot to sit down with friends or family and have a lovely picnic. But for explorers, adventurous spirits like me, the journey to Greenwich does not end here.

One of the biggest parks on earth, it carries a large series of gardens inside of it. All of them linked to one another. The most astonishing thing is that they are all connected, but at the same time very secluded. I find them to be majestic. The fauna that embraces the place, gives you a sense of feeling that will make you fall in love with every single step you take. The cherry blossoms along the way, so pink, just like candy crumbling in your mouth, will make you start drooling.

You can also find yourself a nice spot to read. I find that good for the soul.
How can one not want to visit Greenwich Park? It has a unique way of wrapping you in its arms that you don’t want to let go.

It is an extremely alluring view. While walking through the gardens, there were places like this that somehow made me feel I was in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Every ounce of water, each flower, each path, to me was enchanting. It felt like suddenly they would turn into something else. I got bedazzled by them.


2. Seychelles, Africa

Grand Anse beach
Grand Anse beach in La Digue island.

Seychelles is a spot that may be a little harder to reach, but it is a place on my wish list.
Each path of my fantasy leads to this location. If I read a book or a story that describes a specific beach or island, I will immediately picture a breathtaking view in my mind: clear waters, looking all blue. Looks so good you might even want to take a sip of it. Diving in and as you go back to the surface, this whole panorama of the beach and the island lays in front of you, and you feel dazzled. Nothing can top something like this. The way that Nature exists on its own, it is captivating, ecstatic.

Imagine sitting there, on the soothing, warm sand, feeling that sweet calm breeze brush against your skin. You take a dip in the ocean when the air gets warmer. Enjoy the crystal-clear ocean water and then relax every muscle and bone on the shore. Exploring the woods of the coral reef can be one of the best stories you will live to tell. During the night you get to coil up inside blankets as it gets a little chillier, looking at the stars, and tell amazing stories or more. This is the exotic getaway that every human dream to be part of.


3. Laos, Thailand

Happy traveler woman
Happy traveler woman in bikini relaxing on swing.

This location holds the literal meaning of the word Formidable.

Anytime that I would have the right budget and free time, this is the spot my heart would go for. The stream of waterfalls in Laos, make me feel overwhelmed with its exquisiteness and awed by the calming cheerful sound of nature.

You can take your books, music or even your yoga mat, and feel it all. Barefoot on the soil, and you will be enhanced. Laos also is known for its kite rides.

On so many books I have read, trying to experience with my mind every single page, there was always such good writing about different scenarios and venues of gigantic fields and balloon, kite rides. I remember I would always envision a place like this while reading, with breaths of fresh air brushing against your cheeks, a completely knockout site in front of you. A rush of feelings climbs up to your body, blood starts flowing, leaving you an extraordinary feeling. A place like Laos fits all my expectations perfectly. Dreaming of a place that is somewhere out there in the world, and you can go visit and fall in love anytime.

This is the perfect time to book your reservation in any of these spots because daydreaming is not how we want to spend our lives. Outside there is a world of adventure and opportunities waiting for us to experience it all.