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Top 3 Destinations Not Overcrowded By Tourists

What is your next destination going to be? No worries my friend.

This article will introduce you to three of the most spectacular places that are not overcrowded by tourists.

So buckle up, because we are about to go on a ride around the globe!

1.      Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania
The amazing view of the sea coast as seen with a drone at the beautiful Milele Resort

First is Zanzibar, a beautiful small island on the east coast of the African continent. This island is part of Tanzania, very rich in culture and amazing views. Proof of that is precisely Zanzibar and its smaller island brother, Pemba.

Zanzibar is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and it is starting to become known for its beautiful beaches, the white sand, the lagoons it hides, all the small islands inhabited only by coconut trees and the beautiful sunrises. You heard that right. To experience a sunset on this island you’d have to travel on the wild and untamed west side of it. It is a dangerous thing to do so people just stick to sunrises.

Whether you travel with your family or with a partner, the great resorts found on its east coast will be perfect in both scenarios. The resorts or bungalows offer you the experience and all the amenities of The Maldives or Bora Bora at literally half the price.

2.      Lord Howe Island, Australia

Long Howe Island
Deep crystal water scenery in one of the many beaches of Howe Island

This amazing island, two hours by plane from Sydney, is such a gem. Seasoned travelers such as Charles Veley visit it yearly and keep it a secret from the rest of us, so the crowds of tourists don’t flock here and ruin the experience.

Lord Howe Island is shaped like a crescent moon, with an enormous lagoon in the middle of it. The island takes its name from the First Lord of the Admiralty of the Royal British Navy since it was first discovered by them in the 1950s.

The island was home to some 300 residents for decades. No tourism activity took place until the 2010s when adventurers found it and its amazing white sand beaches and lagoon. Because of the breathtaking views it instantly started gaining attention in the traveler communities, but not much outside of it, until now.

3.      Tusheti, Georgia

Tusheti, Georgia
A picturesque photo of the Tusheti National Park in the summer season in the Caucasian Mountains

For this last location, we’re going all the way to Georgia.

Tusheti is a historic region bordered by Chechnya and Russia since it is located on the northern slopes of the Caucasian mountains. It offers a spectacular view of these mountains, the valleys and meadows, and the characteristic stone houses built here since the middle ages.

Another reason why this place may seem familiar when you google it is that it’s been used as a location for quite a few movies. And the scenes that have been shot here? They’re not even of the actual town. They feature the road to it. Yes, you read that right. The road to this region is so dangerous and beautiful that hundreds of car chases have been filmed here.

This road stretches on a mountain slope, 600 meters above ground, and since you have to drive down the mountain to reach Tusheti, there’s a lot of turns making the road seem like a grey ribbon stretched in the green face of the mountain.

So what are you waiting for?

Hop on the next plane and get to experience these wonderful hidden gems before the rest of the world finds out about them.