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Top 3 Cities You Never Thought Had The Craziest Nightlife

When planning your vacations, you probably would want to throw a party into the mix.

After long hours of getting tanned in the sun or visiting museums, a party is just what each and every one of us needs.

If like me, you also want to party every night and make it count, then you better make the right decision about your destination. After all, you don’t want to get stuck sleeping at 10 pm on your vacations. Here are the top 3 cities to visit because of their crazy nightlife.

Let’s start!

1.     Berlin

Kicking things off is the European party capital, Berlin.

For many years now Berlin holds the crown of the best party city in Europe. In recent years many other cities, such as Barcelona, London, and Amsterdam have become known for their crazy parties, but no one parties like Berliners.

The party never ends in this city, no matter what is happening in the outside world.

The most famous parties here are also exclusive, so not just anybody can get in. You’ll need to learn a few tricks if you want to get into the most famous clubs, but once you’re in, it is worth it. You are about to party as you have never done so before.

However, the biggest clubs always have lines of people outside, waiting until the late hours of the morning to get in, but you can find so many clubs in Berlin. They are tailored specifically to the desires of different groups, so you will definitely find your style. It is also much easier to get into these smaller, “theme” clubs and you’ll be with people who like the same music as you, or have the same sexual orientation, or come from the same country. There is so much history, culture, and parties in Berlin.

The choices are endless and so are the clubs offering them!


2.     New Orleans

New Orleans' pub
Pubs and bars in neon lights in the French Quartier, in New Orleans

Traveling to the States?

Let me introduce you to a very historical party city, not much famous outside of the US.

New Orleans was founded in the spring of 1718 by the French Company of Mississippi, taking its name from the then-Duke of Orleans in France. The city is located on the East Coast and is renowned for its nightlife, the parties, and celebrations, such as Mardi Gras, the creole cuisine and the French and Spanish architecture.

Known also as the Carnival, Mardi Gras is one of the most celebrated events in the US. It originates in New Orleans, where it’s celebrated even today.

This particular party lasts for two weeks, also known as the Mardi Gras season.

During these two weeks, there are long parades every day, especially on Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter, where the parties get even crazier, there are people in masks and beads decorating everything, from balconies to people’s necks.

Let me mention The French Quarter for a second. This place is the heart of the party town that is New Orleans. And especially on Mardi Gras season, things tend to get incredibly wild.

If you can’t visit during Mardi Gras, don’t be sad, because the party here never ceases. Especially if you’re a fan of jazz and bourbon, you’ll never want to leave!


3.     Tokyo

Shinjuku's Kabuki, Tokyo
A district in Tokyo famous for its nightlife, known as Sleepless Town

For our third and last destination, we travel to the Far East, all the way to Japan, to bring you Tokyo.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and also one of the most popular cities on the planet. And with that many people, the clubs have raised their game to offer the best parties in Asia.

The most famous party districts include Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi.

To start it on the right foot you’ll want to absolutely visit Shibuya. Shibuya is the clubbing district and since you’re going there, why not stop for a second and visit the statue of Hachiko at the train station before you dive into the club and forget about everything else.

In Shibuya, the clubs you’ll visit will mostly depend on the day of the week you’re there, so make sure to go on a weekend and you’ll definitely have a full range of clubs to choose from. It’s worth remembering that Tokyo’s nightlife peaks at 1 am – 3 am.

Roppongi district is where you should be for the next party. This district is full of bars that will serve you any alcohol you want since there is no Last-Call Law in Japan. After the bars, comes the after-party and no other place in Asia can compare.

The After-parties here last until morning, midday or they never stop, depending on which club you’re going to. Be ready to spend though, because going clubbing in Tokyo gets very expensive. Then again, it’s definitely worth the money for a unique experience you won't get anywhere else in the world.