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Top 3 Challenges Being a Mom Trader During Quarantine

Quarantine was assumed to be a period of self-reflection, the most ideal time to appreciate staying at home, to use that quality time with family.

Every morning the living room transformed into an office, full of the daily responsibilities of an employee and also the full responsibilities of being a mom. The live Zoom meetings with colleagues were interfered by my 4 years old daughter who was shouting impatiently wanting me to find her favorite doll.

While being in lockdown we had to be everything, in just 24 hours. We needed to look relaxed in our daily conferences, while we might have had a lack of sleep, we maintained the focus and gave the right priority to everything required.

These were my personal challenges for which I can say with pride I totally overcame them as a mompreneur.

1.  Time-Management

We had to think about the best strategies and investments, and calmly wait for the right time to make the right moves in the market. Meanwhile, we were also being full-time moms. Time-management was the greatest challenge. My daughter calls me a superhero sometimes and my heart explodes of joy. 

At the same time, I wished the day had 48 hours, so I could do everything the right way. The days needed to be filled with entertainment for my daughter and I had to provide a happy “quadrant-time” for her. 

So, the Trader mom was at the same time the stay-at-home mom, who managed to magically do it all. As they say, where’s a will there is always a way…

2.  Uncertainty and Balance

Was I the only one appearing frustrated by my weakness to focus on different things at the same time? I felt like my professional identity was just sliding away. Balance at first appeared to be the most difficult thing to find, not to consider how difficult it was to be maintained in the long-term.

But even though it was difficult, it was successfully skipped due to the internal instinct, that ability that every mother maintains. Financial instability was somehow an internal challenge, but it was separated from my list and it was replaced with optimism, the confidence of a trader, who’s been observing the benefits of it in the long term. 

3.  Productivity

While time and balance combined with uncertainties captured my life, productivity in those first days was taking a hit. The harder I tried to force myself and be more productive the less separated I felt, till I discovered my new skill of prioritizing, time management, and also coping with all those uncertainties. At the end of this adventure, pardon my modesty I can say that I did it. Yes, I made it through it all, handled these challenges, and made lockdown an experience to remember and learn from.