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The Future Reality Of Traders

  • What are today's traders up to.
  • How important are market lows.
  • What options are there for short term traders.
  • What awaits future investors.

I’ve gained and spent thousands of dollars on my trading account. I used different margin calls and tried machine learning techniques. 

Trading in many markets became my obsession. Operating in a big company, shaped my view over the exchange market. On educative events, I engaged with traders from other countries. From those experiences, I created a better picture of their market minds. This made me raise questions about my ideas of trading.

What are Today's Traders up To?

The future of trading is expected to increase the Role of Algorithmic Market Support.

There is a lot of confusion between traders about the future of their business. But the market repeats itself not only in the ways currencies behave. 

Do you recall the important market lows in the early 1980s and the track of the 2008 collapse? 

These time around things have changed. Stocks are reaching new highs. Still, traders ask if they will have a safe tomorrow. They follow the trends in money management strategies and question their way of doing things. Traders' biggest concern remains low volatility.

Will it Last Forever, Weakening Directional Gains?

Such doubts lead to a process of prediction-making. Positive emotional events improve our productivity and expand our knowledge. Stress means low progress. We want creative changes and increased knowledge of ourselves. In this situation, we can become really stressful and that impacts our judgment. 

Nowadays, among traders, there is a large concern about the time they are spending on how to make profits rather than actually making money. When we observe outside our small trading worlds, we can expand our insight and understand that not everything is dark. A part of market participants is gaining by innovating.

Producing this change to the future of traders has created possibilities that didn’t exist before. Innovators are looking at different markets. They are trying various time frames and new methods to the center strategies they are forming.

In August of 1982, the stock market began a generational bull run. Finally, what the traders were wishing, become true. The bull market though kept seven years of increased volatility. Huge chances appeared for short-term traders taking hold of the trading industry.

We ended a long bear market in 2008/ 2009 and started again the bull run.

Could History Repeat Itself?

Will the bull market grow on volatility?

Could the climate of today's market create another huge chance for short-term traders? 

Nowadays traders are earning more. History has shown in two decades that market opening hours were short and inappropriate. The AFME is working against that. 

Today the trend is about extended opening hours. Futures markets are tradable 24 hours a day. Other alternatives are pushing the market to those extra hours of trading.

Computers on the other side are ruling the world. This has shifted the traders' game. Traders are wasting time in front of automatic systems. This method is becoming more preferable than manual trading. Automatic systems need you to be ready the entire time that markets open.

What is now left for the future innovators? The computers are doing all the work but not everyone knows how to use them. The robotic system will ask for operational specialists. As systems become more robust, smart traders will delegate this task to operational specialists. They will help in producing systematic funds from computers. These specialists have spent days studying their automatic trading systems and have had the time to think more about how to use them.

I was wrong about keyboards because they're the new useful tool of the future. The word "keyboard" gives me a lot of excitement. The need for a magical book you can take everywhere with you. Who likes staying after a computer all day? Not me.

I enjoy trading while traveling and working from anywhere I am.

I use mobile trading of course. Today with mobile trading you can download apps to execute trades everywhere. No more panic when you are away from the computer during your traveling. Mobile trading involves trading from your smartphone. It reduces the need to get stuck in an office in front of the screen. Mobile trading is making our life less complicated in the best way possible.

More important than the mobile trading setup is the process of defining your goals. Goals are what keeps us motivated and eager to achieve more over time. They can help you determine the best path for trading. 

Account Quality and How Much Do We Need to Start Trading? 

Worldwide traders begin by including different amounts. For short selling, the usual start is at $2,000. Objections are normal. Others start at $10,000, and others by almost nothing. Studying trading is for free. So before spending money and time on giving it a try, you could spend time on your education. 


Take an easy training course. I am talking about the excitement that comes from being part of the largest market in the world. The concentration you keep during the lessons will determine how your trading will go. 

Who knows what the market will do? There will always be a settled risk. Entering trades with education, you do all that you can to relieve that basic risk.