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Sex And Aging: What Men Should Know

  • What to learn about aging.
  • Aging brings changing activities.
  • Learning about men 40 and over.
  • Talking about 20 and 30 years of age.

One of the most important components of who you are as a human being is your sexuality. This is crucial to understand no matter if you’re in a relationship or not, or whether you’re having sex at all. However, in your particular situation, being aware and becoming alive to your sexuality, means you’re being true and responsive towards yourself.

When you stop responding to this side of yourself, you will decrease the sense of vitality in your life.

This has the same meaning for all the variety of people having sex during the whole timeline of their aging life. Yet, many people withdraw from specific sides of their sexuality which makes them take upon very negative approaches in connection with themselves or sex.

Eventually, this forms a glitch in the way they feel and how they express which makes it uneasy to feel free and be in touch with their inner selves. Even though it is identified as a crucial driving force, human sexuality is usually not well-understood, especially in the elders which are generally neglected. 

20’s to ’30s

So many obstacles are encountered even in the early ages of a man’s sexual life. A man in his 20’s,30’s and even 40’s, is prone to experience dysfunctions of different kinds. The emotional ones, then lead to physical or even malfunctioning of the sexual areas. This can be caused by anxiety, pre-ejaculations, etc.

Many sexual dysfunctions are related to psychological problems.

Occasional anxiety comes from a bad experience at a young age or even a lack of experience at all. These experiences create a sense of fear of sexual activities. The best thing to do in this scenario with younger people is to conquer the fears.

Men aged 40 and over

Men and women of the age of 40 and over, tend to decrease their sexual performance as they continue to age even more. Most of the men (67%) and women (53%) behavior and response notified that a  happy sex life was important to their quality of life in general. But an even higher percentage (91% of men and 87% of women) said that a stable relationship with their partner was key to their happiness.

If a couple is not sexually active, it will not be surprising that one of the partners will either feel guilty or not good enough. They usually feel rejected and undesirable even though the feeling of inability is present in both of them. Women often define lack of sexual activity as an indication and loss of attracting the other partner, therefore they feel bad about themselves as well about their appearance. Men define a lack of sex as being not affectionate enough. Nevertheless, talking about it between partners will only reduce the bad feelings among each other, even though we’ve witnessed to happen to the contrary. During life,  the importance of sex differs and develops.

Old couple
Senior couple relaxing by the sea on a sunny day.


Enjoying one's sexuality is a lifelong process. Even though behaviors and sexual activities may differ over time, we can still find pleasure in our bodies and the body of our partner. Furthermore, freely being intimate with our partner can form and develop a crucial and important emotional and spiritual connection, as well as a sense of wellbeing.

As the baby boom generation develops and ages, different approaches relating to sex will alter as we step into each stage of the life span. Rather than feeling challenged and struggling with the physical variations in our sexual activity, it is important to be aware and feel empowered about these changes and to admit them as a natural element of our aging process, and in other cases of psychological or emotional problems, we have to place away from the fear and judgments, and practice self-care and self-love by trying to fix the problem as it should be fixed and not by neglecting it, no matter the age, no matter the problem.

We should not forget about how communication, honesty, and openness between partners, parents, and doctors are so important in the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a whole.