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Self Improvement Ways that Will Lead You to Your First Million

  • How will positive thinking affect your way of living.
  • Talking about discipline in our life.
  • How important is to seek your passion.
  • How to build self awareness.

There is no specific formula of self-improvement that would lead you to your 1st million. One formula for success for someone may be a formula for failure for somebody else. Be a sponge. Get the best traits you can from everyone you encounter.

Positive Thinking

The very first thing you need to know to improve yourself to reach the 1st million is to think that you have already accomplished it. Use reverse psychology. Make it a closed deal without even starting to negotiate. Why? Because it will positively influence your way of thinking. You will focus more on how to reach it than on what if you do not make it. Use this trick for everything you want to achieve. You can thank me later!

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

A lot of people have so many great ideas, but lack discipline. It is a very important variable for successful outcomes. Structuring your actions gets rewarded because you can effectively direct your energy and hard work where it should be headed to. You will feel much better knowing what you have to do next. Turning something into habit may be difficult at the beginning, but very fruitful later on. 

Educate yourself

What I have come to understand during all these years is that self-education is the most effective educational system. Be curious. Dare to ask questions. Find answers. If you do not ask questions you are never going to move forward. School is an environment for networking not for learning. What you learn in school will hardly be implemented in real life. So, use it appropriately to make friends and learn through them. Information is the most precious tool you have. If you want to make money you have to know the market. Educate yourself on how different markets work and prepare to strive for excellence

Find your passion, but define your priorities 

A lot of people go through a phase when they do not know what career to pursue. Very few have a clear idea of what they want to do at an early age. If you are among those who have not found yet what they are passionate about, don’t worry you got friends. The problem when you are at this phase is that you feed yourself with negative thoughts thinking that you are not good at anything and you do not try new things.

If you are at this stage all you have to do is generalize not specialize. Find new projects that have never been part of, read, and network. At one moment or the other, you are going to find something that instantly clicks and you will feel like it was meant for you. But what happens if you haven’t found what you like to do and you want to make 1 million$ too? The best thing is to find a stable source of income and dedicate your free time researching and experiencing new things till you stick somewhere where you belong. It may take time, but it will be worthy.

Are you Emotional Intelligent?

Right and left hemispheres
Creative and analytical thinking, self-improvement like a millionaire.

Most of the well-known companies are investing a lot in their people especially on emotionally intelligent ones. The core of every business is the relationship among its personnel. To improve yourself you should work on your emotional intelligence. It will help you while working for somebody else, but also when you open your own business to reach that 1st million $.

Be flexible

Making the 1 million $ it may take time. Let’s consider it as a long term goal. You should set other short term goals you need to dedicate your time to achieve what you want. The market is changing rapidly. If you are not ready to adapt to this change, be ready for the environment not wanting to adapt to you. No one can build a castle within one day. It needs time and perseverance as well as completing different tasks every day or hour. Shape your castle, but be cautious of every step you take.


Personal and career growth
Success, progress, motivation and potential, self-awareness.

An important quality of excelling individuals is their knowledge about themselves. It is a very good mechanism to know what you should say yes and no to. Also, it is a defense strategy against a different attack you may receive over your course of life not only that of reaching 1 million $. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, but also accepting them is a strong competitive advantage. You can choose how to react to different situations once you know yourself because you can better control your behavior. 

Invest in people 

Before, I mentioned that school is just an environment for networking. That is true, at least in my perspective. But the most important point is that every environment is the appropriate one for networking. Be ‘people smart’ and invest your time in meeting new individuals. I once read a sentence that has changed my life forever. “Everyone knows something you don’t”. I hope it helps you too.

Plan, execute and track your progress

It is not enough to make a plan on how to reach the 1st million. You should divide the plan into small tasks and execute them. It’s very important to check your progress once at a time as it gives a hand to the purpose of reaching success faster with fewer costs. Asking for an external evaluation may help you to be more objective. 

Ask for help

Last but not least, if you want to walk faster toward your goal of reaching 1st million $, use the network you have built during the way. Ideas only can help. You can execute the plan by yourself. But, if you are in doubt if you should ask somebody about something, never hesitate. You may receive more than you asked for that may help you later on. 

To conclude, maybe you were looking for specific ways on how to reach 1st million $, but as I mentioned before there is no single way of doing so. Be courageous, strong, persistent, curious, hard-working, have good intentions and discipline yourself. The return will be enormous in every area you will apply these principles. The only way to make money or to achieve a goal is to improve yourself so always care about you. Only you can do you.

Good luck!