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Royal Arabs Lifestyle in the West

  • Arabs lifestyle in the West.
  • Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and more.
Arabic businessmen
Arabic businessmen in Dubai.

A personal ATM no matter where in the world you are living is considered a luxury.

Many millionaires have them and they are not Arabs, what is the big deal?

These are no ordinary cash ATMs. Now instead of taking cash from them, you can get your supply of gold. Yes. This is real life, a very impressive one.

Arabs in the West, have their designers, which allow them to create the style of their houses wherever they are, even if that means recreating a bathroom made entirely out of gold… even the pot.

Their homes resemble somewhat to palaces, well in the west modern palaces, with either big mansions or villas, or extraordinary apartments.

Another fascinating habit for rich Arabs is their obsession to go shopping in Manchester, London. Why?

Some of the most luxurious brands have their origins or are originally opened in Manchester, with many shops having the sole purpose to create the dream shopping experience, so it comes as no surprise that Arabs would be faithful clients. Rich Arabs who are living in Western countries usually spend up to six times more than westerns.

Luxury yachts
Luxury yachts in the harbor at night.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Being the son of the Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates surely secures a prestigious lifestyle, in this case, it guarantees very luxurious living.

How does he spend his free time? Although now married and a busy man, he is never far from the public eye. He likes to create poems about his country and drive expensive Swarovski-crystal-studded cars. When bored, one of his hobbies is also taking his millions of dollars-worth yacht.

Jamilla Asha

This beauty can be found traveling all around the world, flaunting her richness and her looks. She prefers to travel in Europe and often can be seen hopping from Spain to France, to Amsterdam, etc. Her pleasure retreats coincide with her line of work.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, she is an entrepreneur, having co-founded Dreamcatcher Concierge. What Dreamcatcher consists of, is the planning and customizing of your vacations, so that you won’t run into any troubles during your stay.

You can keep up with Jamilla on her meticulous Instagram feed @jambition.

Speaking of the wedding, my goodness! You haven’t truly experienced a wedding, until you have been to an Arab wedding, honestly, make weddings organized by other world millionaires look cheap.

Let’s start with the wedding list. Three hundred guests and we already call it big enough, but when Arabs celebrate it seems as if they have invited half of the country. Also, normal weddings go on for a day, maybe two, right? Buckle up, because in this case, the show (which is precisely what the wedding look-alike) goes on for a week or more.

Yassine Our

Yassine Our is a perfect example of rich Arabs who love to spend their money on the finer things in life. You can always find him traveling. He has traveled anywhere from Cannes, Monte Carlo, to Italy and other exotic places, landing on private jets, helicopters, and living life to its fullest in the most expensive hotels, cars, and jewelry.

Some people have the possibility, and patience, to match their jewelry, outfits, and cars. An interesting combination is golden cars with golden watches, with the cherry on top being the amount of money spent on the license plates, to match the taste.

Yassine Ouatir can be mostly seen in London, where he dabbles in entrepreneurship, being a part of Gulf Gold Chauffeuring, which provides luxurious services regarding drivers on occasions or nights out.