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Predictable Changes In The Foreign Exchange Market

  • Instruments predicting exchanges rates over short term.
  • What are technical analysis.
  • How to predict exchange rates in the long term.
  • What is the big mac index.
  • Identifying trends to predict Forex.

I have chosen to group the prediction instruments into two divisions:

Short-Term Predictions

Long-Term Predictions

Predicting Exchange Rates in the Short-Term

Investors and traders developed a range of instruments to predict short-term price changes. Let’s mention some of those tools:

Technical analysis 

Verified as the most popular tool used by short-term traders. It’s based on the assumption that historical prices and models lead to reform. 

The principal purpose of the technical strategy is to recognize trends in their initial degrees and to trade in the course of the trend until it changes. All technical instruments have reflected excellent outcomes in the Forex exchange.

Sentiment Surveys

They sense the more general view of market members to anticipate price changes. If the attitude of market members becomes bullish or bearish towards a currency, it should increase or decrease in the short-term.

Futures Market

The futures market is another instrument trader practice to foretell price shifts in the short term. By recognizing the trends in the rates of currency futures, traders can anticipate how the futures market feels about a particular currency.

Predicting Exchange Rates in the Long Term

Exchange prices favor approaching their fundamental balance level in the long term. But, there is no consensus on what describes a currency’s long-term stability exchange flow and how it should be measured. 

To illustrate this section, let’s stand on the PPP (buying power equality strategy) to predict the exchange movements in the long period.

There are more long-term currency valuation standards besides the PPP. All use various factors into concern in their predictions.

Buying Power Parity

The PPP it’s based on the hypothesis that the values of assets and assistance lead to be balanced between nations in the long run. Let’s take an example.
If the identical vehicle model requires $50,000 in the United States, and €45,000 in the Eurozone, the EUR/USD exchange price required to complete PPP balance would be $1.11.

If the current EUR/USD exchange price is $1.50, the German vehicle customer could buy the car from the United States at the cost of $50,000 and spend only €33,333 in euro courses. This creates a significant saving of nearly €12,000.

With the arbitrage possibilities arising from this condition, Europeans would plan to buy the car in the United States. This boosts the need for the US dollar and reflects the $1.50 exchange movement towards its balance price of $1.11.

The PPP method has many disadvantages. Firstly, it demands the vehicle in the US to be specific with the vehicle as in Europe. You will also need to add the expenses of shipping and import charges from the US to Europe. PPP method serves only for tradeable assets where exchange prices can vary a lot from their assumed stability level.

Forex trading graph
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Big Mac Index

Another attractive path to the PPP is the Big Mac Index. 

The Big Mac Index has delivered some interesting effects following its development, such as foretelling euro’s 13% overvaluation versus the US dollar in 1999. This occurred a time when members in the FX market were bullish on the euro. The euro dropped like a rock shortly after that.

This is all about examining the fundamentals of the market, judging all the circumstances that affect exchange prices. It also covers everything from financial and government systems to the nature of the employment and housing markets. 

The central idea after the fundamental analysis is that it can recognize a currency that is mispriced and will repair itself. This is why fundamental analysis is usually more useful at foretelling longer-term price movements. 

There are several important moves to the price of currencies that should always be at the lead of any fundamental analysis. These are:

Economic Growth

The nature and production of a country’s economy focused on data like (GDP), which marks whether the economy is rising or shortening. When an economy is increasing it usually turns to a more powerful currency pulling investors. 


How quickly the value of assets and assistance is growing, influences the financial system in a country. The main devices of inflation to study are (RPI) and (CPI).

Interest rates

Higher interest prices usually guide to a stronger currency as it pulls investors to profit from the larger savings prices on the proposal.

Trade and Capital Balances

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The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) from a trader smartphone

With the Forex market shifts in the value of money or trade moving in and out of a country will affect its currency.

A currency of a country depends on exports will drop if those exports drop. For example, any hints that investors and traders are taking their money out of the country could be an indication that sentiment is shifting.

Employment and Wages

The level of employment can be related to the strength of an economy but the change in wages is significant. Rising employment indicates that an economy is growing. But unchanging wages can hint not useful incomes and the nature of the public’s private finances is not doing well.


Developments in the political world also affect the Forex market. The exchange movement is influenced by government politics and international relationships. For Forex traders there is a simple method to follow up with improvements and prepare for the main events that affect the price of currencies. 

An economic calendar is essential for Forex traders and to the largest economic and political situations that are likely to have an impact. IG has an economic calendar that originated around Forex trading, planning out the future situations that need to be analyzed.

It is necessary to memorize various economies that are inspired by many outside factors. The economic data considered necessary in one country is not in another. The UK economy is managed by services and is more influential to Forex than it is in a nation like China-based on manufacturing. 

Identifying Trends To Predict Forex

Trend, suggests that the latest movement in the exchange rate is the start of a longer-term trend that is expected to last for a certain period of time-based on how trends have panned out previously.
The three types that forex traders look for are uptrends, downtrends, and sideways trends, which, as suggested by the names, refer to which direction the rate is headed.

Defining a Trend

Concept of defining a trend
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A trend in the foreign exchange market occurs when the exchange rate moves in a definable path over a specific time. One of the most efficient tools used to capture a trend is a moving average. The moving average of an exchange rate is the average of a certain number of exchange rate values that change over time.

One of the most popular momentum indicators is the Moving Average Convergence Divergence -- MACD -- indicator created by Gerald Appel. Appel defined certain default periods that can be used to calculate uptrends and downtrends in the FOREX markets.

Support and Resistance

Support is defined as price levels where demand buoys prices, while resistance is defined as price levels that are capped by supply. When exchange rates move above resistance, an uptrend could be forming, while price movements through support could foreshadow future price declines.

Investors need all the tools they can to trade the forex market
Utilize all the resources at your disposal because it is highly likely that the millions of others trading forex around the world are also using them. Technical analysis is common knowledge for most forex traders, while the general fundamentals that affect the forex market in general, like GDP data, are also easily accessible to everyone else.