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Picking Moon As A First Date Location

  • The moon and tourism perspective.
  • Why to visit the moon anyway.

Who wouldn’t love to have a date on the moon? Who wouldn’t love to be singing to ‘’Fly me to the moon’’ by Frank Sinatra while on an actual trip there?

Date on moon
A young couple is having a date on the moon.

No matter how romantic or cringy that sounds at first if you think about it, wouldn’t you take the chance to have a nice dinner in the atmosphere and lovely view that only the moon can give you?

For so many years, way back to the first recorded human-life, we as a species had and still have a very spiritual and deep connection with the universe, especially with the sun and the moon. They are carved in almost every historical rock and wall found all over the world’s oldest civilizations, so this also explains the profound and particular connection between humans and the mysteriously ‘up-above’.

Nowadays, the Moon is mentioned and written throughout so many pages of romantic writers and poets as their muse and their focal point when in doubt or love.

“The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”  - Tahereh Mafi


The first spaceflight which landed on Moon for the first time was named Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, which nowadays is very well-known from everyone and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin was the formation group from the American crew that touched down the Moon surface with the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle in 1969, July 20.  Armstrong grew into the first person to step foot in the Moon and twenty minutes after him followed his space-friend Buzz. They spent about two and a half hours together outside the space machine observing and gathering some lunar material which later on they brought back to Earth. Pilot Michael Collins took the module Columbia alone with no other company in the Moon orbit during Armstrong and Buzz being the lunar surface. They spent about 20 hours on the Moon at a place and site that they later called Tranquility Base and then they took off while catching up with their space-friend, Columbia module.

Picking Moon for tourism

Lunar tourism is one of the most discussed and corporations like SpaceX and NASA are trying to make it happen as fast as they can, not only just for their astronauts and scientific purposes, but also tourism. With corporations like SpaceX of Elon Musk, Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures, Blue Origin, etc and many more to come, these are running to form and develop even more the first Moon travel programs which will be able to send the human species from the Earth to the Moon for holiday and tourism purposes.

Historically, we know that humans have touched ground on the lunar surface many times before but as we all know, it was not for recreational purposes, so how about we do it now? Will the Moon be the most wanted and likable attraction for tourists to land on and experience? Will it have the same romantic effect as for us that observes it from here?

This is discussed to be maybe, be possible soon only if trips to the Moon will be made accessible for a limited exclusive audience. This is about to happen from space tourism companies in between 2023 and 2043.

C.S. Lewis wrote a lot about the first men landing on the Moon and also about its after-effects and the way we see it now, 50 years later.

He talks especially about the spiritual consequences that might impact the human species, if and only we can go and have a closer look at the moon by flying there. He is very excited about the amazing ability that humans now are capable of not just flying outside Earth and into space, but also landing on the Moon. He calls it a triumph, a very ambitious reached-goal. But as for about the deep impact on our imagination and spirituality, he is a little bit more skeptical. ‘’We go to the moon because it is hard and because it is there.’’ - C.S.Lewis says.

Nevertheless, from his point of view, he did not see project Apollo 11 as a positive stepping forward in our universal and cosmic development. His perspective weighted more on moral regression, which sounds very contradictory to what was said above, but it has to do with the spiritual effect that is nonetheless, very crucial and important to the human psyche. According to Lewis, to take a ride with a spaceship to "the silver planet”,  was an improper act that penetrated the celestial sphere that accurately separated the terrestrials from the Divine. Deep and thoughtful spiritual trauma would surely follow in its aftermath.

“The moon of the myths, the poets, the lovers will have been taken from us forever,” Lewis wrote. “He who first reaches it steals something from us all.”

This is all about the mysterious effect that the Moon has impacted us all. How fragile the symbolism and the captivating beauty of it is, isn’t it? It would all go away in the blink of an eye with the first trip to the Moon. All the curiosity that it holds, and after that, what about our poets, how would they see their muse after all of the hurtful exposure of the most romantic and emotional astronomical body in front of our human eyes?

Why Go to the Moon in the First Place?

What is, that so many people are focused to run as fast as they can and buy their tickets to the Moon? It doesn’t even look like a comfortable place to rest for your holidays. The idea of being in outer space is very intriguing, indeed, but try to imagine how instead of a sunrise and a sunset, you get to see the Earth rising and setting against the lunar sky. Well, I see it too now, I can’t lie, it sounds like one of the coolest things to witness in this lifetime, isn’t it?

If you think humans will one day attempt to step out into the stars, the Moon will be the first stepping stone of a cosmic trip.

However our fate is being written in the stars, the Moon landing will likely grab its arms in the human psyche and imagination for a long time to come.