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Men Dress Code From Business To Party

  • Traditional business attire.
  • Smart casual business attire.
  • Business casual attire.
  • The informal jacket.

Since most of our activities drain our energy or cause us stress, we need to refuel. And what better way to do this than have a drink with some friends or go to a party? Socializing and interacting with someone other than your computer, always feels good.

Business people meeting
Business people meeting in a modern restaurant.

Whether you are a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer, a real estate agent or any other kind of professional you will have to agree with the fact that there exists a dress code or business attire for your job, written or not. But what are the dress codes and business attire? By most commonly used definitions a dress code is to be taken literally, a code that specifies what to wear/how to dress for different occasions. Meanwhile, business attire is what you wear to appear put together and to radiate serious vibes.

It will, of course, variate from job to job but thankfully for men, it's easier to achieve than for women. A few style tips could be helpful to switch from work to party mode in a short time. For business attire there are a few routes you can take:

Traditional business attire

Businessman suit
Detail of a businessman's hand with a blue suit jacket.

Traditional business attire usually consists of a formal suit, tie, business shirt, leather dress shoes and/or other leather accessories such as a briefcase, portfolios, and belt.

Smart casual business attire

Two young businessmen
A successful business meeting.

Smart casual business attire consists of dress pants, button-down business shirts, dress shoes, sports jackets, and accessories.

Business casual attire

Businessman talking on a smartphone
Businessman wearing a suit jacket and shoulder bag.

Business casual attire consists of khakis, dress pants, shirts with collars, sweaters, vests, informal jackets, shoes, and accessories.

So if you're planning something immediately after work such as a gathering with friends, attend a party or simply want to grab a drink without looking out of place your safest bet would be to wear business casual attire that day to work and improvise after the shift is over.

Taking off sweaters and vests, choosing less formal accessories, wearing khakis and simple lighter colored shirts.

The Informal Jacket

If it’s an open space event you are attending, an outdoor cocktail party or any other organization under an open sky you can opt for a jacket depending also on the weather. Although color schemes are up to you and your current wardrobe, outdoor parties usually call for a lighter color scheme such as blues, whites, grays, greens.

However, if you were to attend a party in a club, house or bar you should skip the jacket as it can be overwhelming considering the environment and lighting conditions. Meanwhile, indoor events ask for a more muted color scheme to blend in, including dark grays, blues, greens and a lot of blacks.

But what if you just received an invitation for today after work and don't have time to change? Spontaneity is your best shot. If you happened to be wearing a traditional business attire you need to:

 Get rid of the tie and jacket.

 Lose some accessories that spell "work", such as a briefcase or a diary.

 Button-down your shirt just a little, wrap the sleeves twice and you're good to go.

But if you're wearing smart casual business attire you can:

  Go just like you are, very simplistic.

  Add a few details with accessories, for example, a smartwatch.

  Button-down the shirt

These are a few tips to go by if you have a commitment and would like to multitask. If you have time to change quickly for a party and still want to keep your style, a white T-shirt with a black jacket or a white T-shirt underneath an unbuttoned formal shirt paired with simple sleek pants would be a winning combination.

Accessories are a bonus, a wristwatch will complete the whole look and you'll be guaranteed to receive a good amount of attention as you walk into your party.

Between work tasks, long working hours and the stress to conclude your tasks to perfection, getting stressed because you don’t know what to wear for a last-minute celebration is something that you don’t need.

My most simple advice to you is to let loose and do the best you can with what you currently have. After all, parties are meant to be enjoyed so go ahead and make your multitasker debut while looking effortlessly chic.