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Is Stress From Work Disturbing Your Sex Life?

  • Great sex starts outside of the bedroom.
  • Why to hit the gym.
  • Why to get some sleep.
  • Why caring for each-other is crucial.

Is the stress from work interfering with your sex life? You need to stop that now!

Not the best day at the office? You get home late, exhausted and still thinking about the bad day that you had. Your partner asks if everything is all right, without realizing the problem. It doesn’t work. The next time you tried to have sex, you were still thinking about work. The harder you try, the worse it gets. You feel the flame fading as the drive is not there. Have you ever been to this rather unpleasant situation? You are not alone.

Colleagues, budgets, reports, customers, emails, deadlines have become part of our reality. As a result, we are constantly exposed to increased levels of stress.

Stress consumes us from the inside. It drains our energy and increases vigilance and alertness. This means that it is easier for us to get annoyed. When we are stressed, we tend to notice negative behaviors. It also means that we are less patient and struggle to tolerate our partner when they behave badly.

You do not want to deal with a partner who loses control regularly. Eventually, our sex life suffers to the same degree our stress level is.

The hormones that affect stress and sex can have a significant impact on our metabolism:

     · Cortisol is produced when a person is exposed to a high level of stress for an extended period. Like any other hormone, Cortisol is very important for our metabolism, but in small doses.

   · Endorphins released during sex plays a major role in reducing both stress and pain. The absence of endorphins leads to increased levels of stress and pain.

   · Last but not least, oxytocin or the Love Hormone. It is released during sex and helps to strengthen your relationship. The absence of this hormone makes you lose the desire to perform.

Feeling overwhelmed? Do not worry! Take into consideration the tips listed below:

   · Talk to your partner about your needs and desires

Great sex starts outside of the bedroom!

Group of friends
Group of friends having fun together.

It involves spending more time with each other, talking about your needs and desires. Being intimate with someone can help you increase confidence and self-esteem. When you share your fears or worries with another person, it does help release stress. You need to get the spark back. Recreate this by doing something different. Check out a new restaurant. Play sports. Go places. Why not take an art class together? Do something fun that makes both of you feel excited to try.

Ask your partner questions you would feel comfortable asking a good friend. Be open about your feelings. It is very important to consider the relationship as teamwork.

Hit the gym

Sportsman and sportswoman
Sportsman and sportswoman sitting and giving high five in the gym.

Self-image has a massive impact on everyone. Good image equals confidence. Have you perhaps neglected your fitness lately?  You know that feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the gym mirror and think, “Damn, I look good!” Well, that confidence comes with you to the bedroom. Regular exercise helps improve self-esteem.

Get some sleep

Women who get more sleep the night before, have increased sexual desire. It is no surprise that lack of sleep hurts both our mental and physical health. If you want to combat stress more effectively get some good quality sleep!

Kiss, hug, and cuddle each-other more often

In the beginning, couples often enjoy deep kissing, but over time they tend to stop. The more you can keep the flame alive, the more you’re fighting the stress itself. Learn how to step away from work, take a break and spend more time with your beloved one. Take an inside look at how you prioritize sex. Kiss your stressed-out partner a little bit more and hug them for 30 seconds longer. The results will surprise you.

Exercise, take a break, relax, talk to each other, take a bath, kiss, make out with your partner and delegate some responsibilities to others.

It will make 2020 a lot less nerve-wracking and, hopefully, a lot more fun.