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Extreme Beauty Makeover: Best Plastic Surgeries For A New You

  • What are some innovations of the best beauty makeover tools.
  • The best plastic surgeries to have.
  • Learning about nowadays beauty makeovers.

3D Lenses

3D lenses itself as a technology doesn’t perform any changes on the body. You can think of it as a tool that allows you to decide whether a procedure you choose to follow will suit you or not. Mostly it shows how it will affect your physical image. A machine will capture various pictures of you, in different angles, so it can accurately create a 3D model of you.

By doing this, you will be able to test any procedures you plan to undergo, with the benefit of being able to have a mirror image of yourself portraying the changes, allowing you to see exactly what you are going in for.  This technology doesn’t come cheap though, and this is the reason why many computer apps are trying to imitate it, to make it more accessible.


From a double chin to the sexy ‘most likely it cuts’  jawline, it is everybody’s dream. To help you achieve it, an amazing procedure exists, and it is called Mentoplasty. It operates from inside the mouth while removing excess fat, putting implants to reshape the jawline. A substitute option, which is painless, but considerably more expensive, is Kybella. It provides injections that are designed to destroy fat cells under the chin area, providing you with the same results.      

Laser Hair Removal

How annoying is it to wait for that waxing appointment? Even though you have done it for probably more than half of your life, you may still be tempted to skip it and consider shaving. And here we are with hair that grows back too quickly, and you can’t be bothered to spend that much time continuously.

Of course, laser hair removal is the answer, a less painful and very effective method (if done correctly), which will allow you to live your life hairless, saving you money and time. It is highly beneficial and practical, and most importantly, it is safe with no consequences. It is also worthy to mention that the procedure is gender-inclusive, and very popular amongst men as well, rightfully so.

Eye Bag Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Whether late-night work is to blame, or the hardly ever Netflix marathons, or maybe simply genetics, no one feels comfortable having those eye bags in the morning. This is a very good reason to try Blepharoplasty. The procedure transfers fat from the eyelid to the under-eye to close the gap difference and to create a fresh, well-rested look on your face. As someone who is sleep-deprived most of the time, I would give this procedure a try, I have got nothing to lose.

Neck Lifting

We all age, men and women, there is no shame in that, but some of us prefer to do something about that fact. It comes as no surprise that neck lifting for men is a very preferred procedure. There are variations of it depending on how much of a difference you want to make, or how much pain you can sustain, but don’t worry, it is not a lot. The lifting and reshaping will start from your sideburns, ending to the end of your neck. All it takes is one surgery to shed away the years and age. That is a pretty good deal.

Body Contouring

Naked Woman
Sensual Girl Pose.

Weight loss is a goal for many, and major weight loss is a dream people are trying to reach in every way possible. The look of excess skin after you have put so much effort into diets, slightly ruins that image you are trying so hard to come up with.

Don’t worry much about it! There are now various procedures, such as body contouring, which allows you to tuck in extra skin on the areas you choose to. This can be implemented on the arms, stomach, legs and anywhere you want. This way you can enjoy your gains, and your amazing toned body.

Hair Building

It is no secret that hair thinning and/or balding is a problem that strikes most men than women. The solution is an interesting technique that has gained a lot of popularity recently. Fun fact, on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, many men had small bandages wrapped on sections of their head, a sign that they had undergone hair transplant surgery.

It is like the new trendy thing to do, not only there, but everywhere in the world. The most popular procedure, and the most expensive and effective one, is the ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’. It doesn’t leave any marks, making it impossible to tell that you have undergone surgery, and it takes way less time to recover, a week at the most. You will have beautiful natural-looking hairs, and your partner will melt running their fingers through.

Lip Fillers

Portrait of cute girl
Portrait of cute lovely girl in a casual outfit.

If you know the first thing about cosmetic surgery, then you're familiar with the Kylie Jenner phenomena. Lip fillers are one of the most common procedures one can undergo. Often people, mostly women, feel uncomfortable with their lips, wanting to enhance them to create that dreamy pout. It is a tricky business though, whether we are talking size-wise or shape-wise.

Looking at the bright side, lip fillers are not permanent and you can alter the dosage with the help of your doctor to achieve a look that fits your facial structure. Any pain or bruising is also fixable with a bit of patience and care, so overall you have nothing to worry about. Even when you are unhappy with the results, you can always reverse the process or wait for it to fade away in about six months.


Coolsculpting is one of the most innovative techniques to have ever been introduced to the body image industry until now. After all the diets, and after all the exercise, there are still some parts of your body that refuse to shed the fat.

Coolsculpting freezes fat cells, providing long-lasting and noticeable results. It takes a few times for us to be able to tell a big difference, but it does wonders, especially to the skin. What you need to be careful about is your eating habits when undergoing the sessions. If you want fast and mind-blowing results, you also need to switch up your eating habits by being more moderate.