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Forex: How Did I Find Out About It And Started Investing

  • Before starting trading.
  • How did I found out about Forex trading.
  • How I expanded my trading knowledge.

My name is Roberto Flavio.

I was born in Milan 1991 inside the Mangiagalli maternity at 3:00 pm on October 13. My parents were wishing for a girl as their sixth child. But I was still another boy crying too much at this unknown world that I was breathing in. Doctors had to put me in an incubator, while I was fighting for my life.

My parents, both crazy fans of football, who were still celebrating AC Milan's victories that time around, played a big role as my saving angles. Our home was located at porta Garibaldi, and for those of you who never heard, Porta Garibaldi is a city gate in Milan. This neighborhood is famous for the neoclassical arch build for Francis 1 of Austria.

The Doric style that it holds gives visitors the view of tow portals overlooking the street. The shadow of its customs houses was too cold. I lived in an old flat apartment with a small garden outside that my mom maintained. The freshness released from it was breathtaking. Our garden was full of red and white roses, marigolds, snapdragons, basil, and other beautiful flowers. The peace I had back I can find anywhere else.

Raised catholic, many times I saw God inside icons. But something spiritual-related nature with life itself for me.

As an adult, I was getting into trouble all the time and the fast life was keeping me away from my parents. They are both financial counselors and at that time their job could support many of my dreams. But I was determined to make it happen on my own. I had big dreams for my future.

I finished my education at the International School of Milan. The dreams of becoming a football player broke due to health conditions. At that time I wanted to go out of Italy but there was no enough courage to make it happen.

Eight million visitors come to Milan each year attracted to our art galleries. They come to visit the Milan Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, followed by the Royal Palace, the Sempione Park or the Arch of Peace.

Tourists are interested also in the luxury lifestyle that this city offers. Luxurious hotels, shopping malls, fine dining, night clubs, beautiful people. Milan has it all.

I made a lot of friends coming from different countries and they were the push I needed to go abroad and try it on my own. I paid a visit to my aunt in Greece during the summer of 2006 and she managed to find a job for me at a restaurant. This was for the summer, for the sake of the experience.

That summer I learned how to drive a motorcycle and had many adventurous nights on the beach. I felt free. The only limit was me.

Summertime ended and was the moment of turning back home to Milan. I made 1.000 Euro that summer season and was very excited to go home back at my parents, show them that I did something. I hugged my aunt before my turning home trip, grateful for her kindness and sailed to Italy.

Still found the same mentality back at home though. The first days were good, my parents excited, my brothers were happy with their families. Everything was going well. Everything except me.

I was feeling like I was the black sheep of the family, with no clear vision for my future. The school was not for me and sport was something of the past. I was looking for something to make money and at the same time provide me a secure future.

Have you ever felt that?

With the money I earned during the summer, I bought a new guitar started to learn how to play it. I was a real rock music fan. Still, I was not even focused on that. smoking, drinking and killing time. Driving motorbikes like crazy, I even broke two bones and got arrested for fast driving.

In a week, I was left with only 200 EU. Placing them on bets was not reliable and secure. It is a good feeling when you win, but very stressful the other way round. Watching football games, teams, their preparations, buying and selling players, felt amazing. Especially for a fanatic fan like me. The green pitch is beautiful but the outside of it is all about business.

One day I was waiting for a friend of mine at Malpensa airport. He was coming for vacations and I was excited about meeting him after so many years.

He was the one that introduced me to Forex trading.

Invest word on paper
An arrow pointing to the word investment.

My friend Marco had been a trader for 5 years, earning a lot of money from it. He had an enormous amount of information about Forex trading. The conversation was flowing, he knew everything about what he was doing when to do it and how to do it.

After we had lunch together he had to go to his hotel in a rush because he had a meeting with his Account Manager. I thought this was something like a costume service but it was completely different.

Account Manager is like the coach for the players, ready to help them with everything step by step. This was something new for me and I was feeling excited, and a little upset that I didn't hear about it earlier.

Still, I was skeptical about the profits Marco was making. It looked so unreal. At the same, it was a fact that Forex trading was and still is the biggest market in the whole planet. Something global affected this price movement that makes people earn money.

What sort of betting was this? Why did Marco insist that it was all about investing and information?

I insisted on meeting Marco and get some more information about Forex trading.

Forex market was all about buying selling and exchanging currencies at different or same prices. Institutions like banks were already part of this business.

It was a unique market with features like :

Huge trading volumes.

Greater opportunities.

24h a day except for the weekend.

Variety of changing factors for the exchange rate.

Low margins.

Use of leverage.

Of course, this detailed explanation made it easy for me to understand, because I was in a beginner phase. Having all the time the affirmation: yes you could make money through this world of investing.

Did we come to the point: how to do that?

Very simple. Let me mention that I saw a lot of reviews of people losing money into this business. Scammers around the world taking were advantages through this and scared me at first. Some people had lost everything. Every loses though had come from their own mistakes, by rushed emotional decisions.

Successful traders don't see losses as bad things. In Marco's opinion, losing was a matter of reflection on what he could have done better. Feeling very personal about your losses would dig your hole bigger. Analyses of this business are very important to check how can you improve next time. One day advantage will win over time and put money on your account.

Depending only on luck? Investing with the best Forex coach made it a lot different.

Think of it like this -Marco told me, What gave Brazil so many world cups? Brazil had the quality of a big team. Passing, shooting, dribbling, and everything else giving an advantage over the other team. Trading is the same.

He was right!

It is all about creating your trading advantage over the market. Follow tow factors and stick out to them with a slow approach until you become a successful trader. At least this was what he had done so far and it was being profitable and satisfying at the same time.

I promise that I would try hard- I said to Marco.

But he started to laugh. He told me that trying hard was not necessary, in other businesses it is important, but not here.

Trying hard on trading Forex means that something is not going well. With Forex trading you need to make trade setups, work while practicing.

The market does the heavy lifting for you here- Marco said.

So learning how to not try hard, started my journey of how to become a successful trader on Forex.

One thing I learned from Marco is that you do not operate well in this business under pressure. No successful Forex trader needs a win today so he can pay the electric bill tomorrow. You can not have that kind of pressure in trading and make a profit out of it.

Following that method will only scare you. Every trader is prepared to lose their money. But, they don't invest rent money or the ones they provide for the family. They invest well-planned strategies, taking full responsibility- Marco told me.

At this point, money was not the only aim, becoming successful was the part that excited me the more.

So was trading a secondary income plan since money was not a big deal?

Marco said that I should be patient and in time I would understand.

Was Forex some psychology school where people learned how to win, lose and accept the results? Was it for the big greedy ones?

When it comes to investing, emotions play a big role too. The ups and downs of working with a financial market, investing my knowledge on it and making profits.

The conclusion was pretty clear: in the end, it is all about passion and love. Love and passion determine your success and I was feeling it more than every other time.

This was a forever gold mine with no secret destination and for everyone to dig in.

On Marcos's opinion trading doesn't come down if it can make you rich, but can you build profits with it. Focus on the process, stay disciplined and the profits will come," he said when we closed our exiting conversation.

Now the answer on my head was clear yes I can.