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Eating Habits Of The Rich: What These Millionaires Find in Google Maps

  • Jeff Bezos and more.

Their presence exudes nothing short of elegance. They live large, superfluous lifestyles, own million-dollar mansions, cruise the world in private submarines and fly first class. Millionaires around the world do.

Cheerful woman
Cheerful woman with cocktail holding hand behind head, relaxing at the beach restaurant.

Do you know what else they do? 

They get hungry.

They love to go full throttle on savory sandwiches, get excited about Taco Tuesdays, are impressed by legendary culinary skills and oh well, love food trucks! While most millionaires love having a low public profile, they’ve been spotted a couple of times enjoying the local cuisines near them.

Hats off for Larry page though, what would foodies do without Google, or specifically Google maps!

Here’s a list of sweeps of some of the restaurants that given the geographical positioning, maybe these personalities favorites.

Jeff Bezos

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be touted as the “The Richest Man Alive” by Forbes?

The founder of the world’s behemoth of online retail, Amazon, was recently named the 25th largest landowner in America.

His newest residence is an 80$million worth mansion in Manhattan, New York City. Jeff Bezos's new fancy neighborhood is promptly decorated with a culinary theme and is near a couple of diners and drinking spots.  Here is one such of the high-end restaurant that Jeff Bezos could enjoy dinner.


Grandma walking through a forest in Emilia.”

First of all, that’s not a book title. It’s a coded, whimsical name for a pasta dish, consisting of Spinach Cappelletti with grilled, tasty Leek.

Such labels are common for the cozy, Italian restaurant in New York.

It is located within a small radius from Jeff Bezos’ mansion.

The interior is meticulously crafted, with Italian themed décor and pictures. The floor is blue and patterned with tiles that are aligned with the ancient city of Modena. Talk of wall candelabras for special occasions.

The restaurant’s cuisine is majorly imbued by the legendary Chef Stefano Sechi, who spent many years servicing in the kitchens in Northern Italy with his prolific culinary prowess.

The cuisine encompasses an enigma of diversification, blending the Italian and American flavors quite perfectly.

Jeff Bezos, known to have a natural inclination towards unique and unlikely menus, is likely to have a good time at Rezdora.

Being an Italian restaurant, Pasta is the chief delicacy and shines the brightest in Rezdora.

Some of the most savory pasta dishes are maccheroni al pettina, and andini di parma (Tomato sauce from EmilaRomagna, served with rock shrimp and basil.)

The restaurant presents a pasta tasting heist worth 90$, and there’s a wide wine selection to choose from.

Rezdora is Italians’ home away from home, and this side of the world’s Emilia Romagna. Besides being in the hands of one of the finest chefs in the world, an alumnus of The World’s best restaurant OsteriaFrancescana, you’re likely to run into some of your favorite millionaires around.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise attends the UK Premiere of Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Tom Cruise

If there’s a Hollywood actor, who goes a bit overboard, it’s downright the Mission: Impossible star. If he’s not hanging off the side of an airplane, he’s performing another death-defying stunt in another scene on one of his thrilling action movies. But that is beside the point. Cruise’s plush, clearwater penthouse in Florida, is astounding.  The Sunshine State, known to be aligned to tourists, naturally has countless beaches, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Tom Cruise must be running out of options. Here’s a Turkey Peek on where Cruise may be having brunch later today!

Wooden table
Brown wooden table and cook in a restaurant

Victoria and Albert’s restaurant

“Classic Victorian elegance meets Haute, American cuisine.” The incredible service provided in this world-class diner is a perfect match for the writings on their social media profiles.

A blend of differently assorted cuisines that bleed into each other more than perfectly, is the perfect definition of royalty. Victoria and Albert’s is located at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort in the state of Florida.

The interior is decorated with an American theme, that blends in tidbits of a wide array of other cultures. Talk of exotic Italian table linens, beautiful, fresh flowers, and samba net silverware.

Victoria and Albert’s features distinctive and luxurious enjoyments such as a Queen Victoria’sroom, The Chef’s Table, contemporary dining designs and exotic, wide wine collections. Special reservations are made available for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and Valentines'.

The cuisine is mainly Local American, but other foreign cuisines are available. The menu entrees are more than inviting, embodied with different flavors and food textures.

Florida houses other exotic dinners and drinking spots including:

     - Chatham’s Place restaurant, which is a renowned steak house.

     - Gaylord's Palms Hotel, about a mile from Disney World and known for juicy grass-fed, steaks and grilled black Angus meats.

     - The Grand Floridian Hotel, across BayLake from the Magic Kingdom.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft cofounder’s mega house in Seattle, Xanadu, is one of the most costly mansions in the world. Currently estimated to be worth 121 million dollars, the mansion has incredible features including a pool with an underground music system and an internal aquarium! Well, Bill and Melinda Gates are known to be big lovers for buggers and have been spotted at numerous bugger joints around Seattle.

Seattle is also the esteemed home of a couple of technology moguls and billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page. Anyone around Seattle would be delighted to try out these places for a savory burger experience. Because the burger is not just some ground beef (or chicken) sandwiched between grilled or cooked patties and stashed inside a bun. Burgers are life!


Red Mill Burgers

Whether you just want a juicy something to take in the summer with, or you’d love a quick bite with a friend, or you went vegan and need something with zero meat, and light for dinner.

The award-winning burger restaurant is located in Ballard, Seattle and has chains in other parts like Ballard, Phinney Ridge, and Interbay.

Co-owned by Babe Shepherd, Michael Shepherd, and John Shepherd, the restaurant chain is loved for its delightful buggers.

Red Mill burgers have clutched several accolades for the most enticing buggers in Seattle and are a favorite to many including the Gates. After serving for 22 years on strictly a cash basis, the restaurant recently partnered with Gravity payment and now accepts credit card payments. This is what their bugger menu looks like.

Larry Page

Google’s co founder’s home location is in Michigan, United States. Michigan is the perfect destination for a two day weekend and brews beer like nobody’s business.

Vertical Detroit

This one is for wine lovers! Owners James Lutfy and Remi Luffy spent about 50 years fine-tuning their knowledge of wine from all over the world. Whether you need something special for Easter brunch or just an intimate moment with a friend or lover. Vertical Detroit has a wide collection of different wines, fit for casual drinks, dates and just catching up.

We’re talking chardonnay wines, Riesling wines, or Bordeaux. Detroit knows exactly how you like it. Michigan has some of the best wine-centric restaurants around.

The list is endless. Available are dry wine versions that go with chicken, fish, or pork are in plenty. Enjoy bold and brooding aromas on your palate, at the service of acclaimed, well-experienced sommeliers.