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Crossing The Waves In Style

Many studies have shown that regularly immersing your body in cold water (aka the endless ocean) has major benefits for your body. 

Cold Therapy, as they refer to it, helps activate the body’s natural healing powers to help it relieve symptoms of various medical conditions. It also improves the immune and lymphatic systems as well as the blood circulation.

So basically, surfing is one of those kinds of sports which requires a lot of physical and mental energy and not everyone possesses it. 

When it comes to mental energy: Since it's origin surfing has always symbolized freedom and a feeling of connection with the ocean itself and the opportunity to teach yourself a new skill, like surfing, it can boost your confidence by proving to yourself that you can achieve the personal objectives that you set for yourself. 

You’ll also have the chance to build some self-love as you experience the amazing results your body can accomplish, whether that’s surfing like a professional or even just standing up on your surfboard as the wave might take you to the next shore. Surf is a stylish discipline and the influence of its fashion might be found everywhere. 

In fact, these kinds of surf styles designs could even be spotted on runways in fashion weeks of 2018—from the beaches to the world of high fashion, we can’t absolutely deny that this sport has made an impact on those big icons of the fashion industry.

The lovely tropical prints, those colorful hibiscus flowers, palm leaves, and “athleisure” were all prominent fixtures on runways. And if it's fashion and stylish it is also represented by the most influencing people. 

Valentina Ferragni just posted on her IG about her first surfing experience

Riding the waves in Milan at one of the world’s biggest surf hydro-parks, that is also one of the luxurious and most stylish spots in the world. We all know that Milan is worldwide known for the fashion industry, incredible art and also architecture and recently even for surfing.

Let's take a virtual tour now at some of the most interesting surfing spots around the world.

1. Punta Mita, Mexico
Pool at Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico
Four Seasons Punta Mita

This beachfront village on the Pacific offers an array of surfing conditions and an expensive home base within the Four Seasons Punta Mita, which offers instructors and lessons for both beginners and pros. The experience begins on a panga boat, which whisks guests to the best parts of the Nayarit shore.

2.The Hawaiian Islands
Shoreline at St. Regis Princeville Kauai in Hawaii
St. Regis Princeville Kauai

The Hawaiian Islands have long been known to supply a number of the simplest surfing around the world, with top-level breaks and relaxed surf culture. Oahu boasts famed Waikiki Beach within the south and a wild coast presenting daring breaks within the north.

At Waikiki, the waters are often crowded but easy for beginners to master, while the reefs, located an extended paddle out, are better for experienced surfers. Diamond Head has gentle surf that's less crowded than Waikiki’s. And to the west is that the grand Four Seasons Ko’Olina, from which several beaches are easily accessible. Each day trip to Oahu’s North Shore, where the pros battle with intense breaks like Pipeline and Backdoor, is a must, albeit it’s just to observe.

Maui is usually mentioned as Hawaii’s most luxurious isle, with the upscale community of Wailea and therefore the lavish Four Seasons Maui on its calm southwest coast. Longtime surfers will want to explore north to the wide, wind-thrashed beaches favored by local and international talents, including the legendary Hookipa and Jaws surfing areas located around the boho style town of Paia.

For the less experienced, gentler swells exist along Ka’anapali and therefore the western coast, where Maui’s surf schools are located.

Kauai, with its combination of dramatic terrain, comprising jagged green cliffs and rugged jungle, and a laid-back aloha spirit, is the ideal spot for families in search of classic Hawaii. Hanalei Bay’s stretch of a picturesque and wonderful beach, offering surfing suitable to all or any abilities, is definitely accessible from the luxurious St. Regis Princeville Resort.

3.Sumba, Indonesia

Pool and balcony with lounge chairs overlooking palm trees and beach at sunset at Nihiwatu in Indonesia

An island within the Indonesian archipelago, Sumba reveals its unspoiled, natural beauty and is well known for its phenomenal surfing. The island’s only resort, Nihi Sumba, originally was created as a set of rustic bungalows for surfers lured by its globally coveted, exclusive wave break, “The Wave,” which will only be utilized by 10 surfers at any time.

Today, the soulful property is the platinum standard for an atmospheric and immersive luxury experience, offering 29 amazing villas, authentic interactions with Sumbanese people, and fantastic adventure activities amidst 560 acres of lush jungle and coastline.