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Creating an Account To Start Forex Trading

  • How I wanted to start trading with the IC markets.
  • Samuel Morton a real help on my trading journey.
  • Some information about the Peperstone platform.

I wanted to be part of IC Markets because of Samuel Morton. His videos on YouTube are very educative and helped me to understand the Forex world better. I agree with him that all regulated platforms are the same.

Every platform gives various price proposals. Like in a store, not everywhere you get the same price for the products. Everything has a price and will make you take money out of your pocket and invest in it if you want to make it yours. The big store always will make you invest.

My mother used to tell me that “Nothing is more powerful than producing a wealthy family. It is a wild world out there that requires you to give it all to be successful. You get to explore and face different circumstances. At the end of the day, not all will be blessed.”

There are days where I act like a child, forgetting my mother's kind words about building a wealthy family. I used to be preoccupied with everything, over-thinking.

Now I choose to make them my occupations. To do this I have plenty of personal motivation like everyone has theirs. It is the mindset that determines how much the willpower lasts.

In the different stages of life, I'm trying to take the best ingredients possible. This excitement brought me in front of the IC Markets platform working on my computer. I clicked on a green button that caught my eye “Client Login”. Another page opened and clicked on another green button this time “Open a Real Account”.

The page where I was going to create my real account guided me on how to do it.

First of all, it requested my details and other technical stuff which are easy to be filled. I made a configuration of proceeding with metatrader5 and a standard account. The last form to complete was the declaration part. I read the declaration where I confirmed being aware of my actions.

After that, I got an email with my username and password ready for me to log in on my account. The support team told me that there is going to be no account manager service included.

Choosing to move on further with IC Markets was looking like a failure. What now? I was late for a party so I had to close everything for that day. The night was going wild, a lot of drinks, smoking, laughing, a lot of emotions at the same time. When I started talking about forex, a friend suggested the Pepperstone trading platform.

Back home I made some research on Pepperstone and I saw it was a trading platform. I was expecting something else. It looked fun and very easy to understand. Their goal was to build up strategies to make people invest of course.

I was going to be the one learning how to take advantage of the market. Pepperstone had a reputation as number 1 for spreads and fast executions with 24h support team available 1:5 leverage and wide funding methods.

Mt4 services were also included and lots of trading instruments with no need for a deposit. For the ones who think they can drive a car without a license, there was also a free demo account.

Everything looked great including the account manager provided by them. I started again from the beginning following the account creation steps. I completed my verification process and went through with the regulatory questions.

I am aware that risk is part of life. With Forex, I made a risk management plan that would help me out. The support team of the platform told me soon I was about to get a call from the account manager. Now was the time to wait.