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COVID-19 And Trading

  • How did COVID-19 spread.
  • How was economy affected.
  • Did covid-19 create any bright spots for investors.

Everything goes by fast in the Forex world: both information and asset prices, currencies and everything else. Traders, including me, can find in Forex what they are chasing for: the opportunity to make money.

At the end of the day, month or even year, not everyone has received what they expect. The world goes on with our lives spinning, and every day new opportunities arise after those who fade away.

At some point, the monotony of doing a trade is too great when you're not earning anything. It has happened to me.

But that has changed recently. It is something that has influenced the way we invest in the marketplace.

It’s called, "coronavirus". We thought at first, it was nothing more than the flu in a province of China called Wuhan. The name of the disease immediately reminded me of the famous Fast and Furious beer.

I would wake up in the morning, drink coffee and go to work. Then I heard more in the news about the first Coronavirus particles in Wuhan.

What I feared the most has happened: the virus kills.

Victims were reported in China and numerous infected. AS a trader I keep myself constantly informed about everything happening in the world.

Wuhan with 11 million people had quite a difficulty in containing an outbreak. Imagine, it's larger than in New York City. Every day 3,500 passengers flight from Wuhan to cities in different nations. These cities were the first to detect virus cases outside China.

In January, China forced travel restraints on millions of people living in Wuhan and nearby towns. Some experts doubted the lockdown. Wuhan’s mayor declared that five million people had left the city before the restraints started.

Global Shares Catch a Hit

Big changes in stock markets, can influence investments in some models of pension or Isas. The closing week of February marked the poorest production for main stock markets considering the 2008 financial disaster.

Customers Buying Less

Restaurants, car dealerships, and shops have all recorded a fall in customer interest. Chinese car businesses fell by 92% through the first half of February. Tesla or Geely, are now trading cars online as clients keep away from showrooms.

Truckloads of smartphones are also suspected to take a big blow in the first half of 2020, before noticing an improvement later on. Apple was one tech giant who announced sales had been struck by low client interest.

Travel Received the Toughest Hit

The number of cases diagnosed is rising throughout the world every day. Several nations have added travel restraints to hold the virus's range.

The travel industry has been crippled, with airlines canceling flights and tourists cutting trips.

ForwardKeys reveals international flights scheduled from China are delayed by 55.9% in contrast with the same season in 2019.

UK travel industry authorities have stated concerns about Chinese tourists being held at home. There were 415,000 visits from China over the UK for 12 months to September 2019, according to VisitBritain.

Chinese travelers also give three times more on an ordinary visit to the UK at £1,680 each. As the number of flight abandonment rises, there are concerns the industry could catch a greater blow.

Some Bright Spots

It can be difficult to see optimism when people's jobs are shut down, or lives are being wasted. But Nasa discovered a notable reduction in nitrogen dioxide across the Chinese nation.

And in business words, there are some golden points.

Reckitt Benckiser has witnessed an increase in sales for Dettol and Lysol. The disinfectant is viewed as security against the expanse of the virus.

The price of gold - recognized a "haven" in times of risk - has also improved. Its value hit a seven-year high of $1,682.35 per ounce in February.

Are the movies of Hollywood Revealing in Reality?

One thing is for sure: technology and great minds will soon find a cure to all this madness. Everything will get back to normal with a wounded economy catching up. Let’s hope that the gap won’t get dipper.

Meanwhile trading online can assure you to gain some profit inside these difficult times. All is left to do is follow the trend of information and place a good investment. Trading markets allow that largely especially in this global matter which is mostly turning on an economic struggle against mankind.