70 000 years ago Homo Sapiens was just another common species that minded its own business somewhere in Africa. In the upcoming millennial this species developed itself to conquer the planet and its ecosystem territory. The first mutation happened towards fulfilling the most urgent need of this animal -to provide food.

10 000 years ago the first agricultural sapiens emerged - organized and socially aware of the benefits of teamwork and collaboration, it managed to successfully provide for the appetite of its communities. This mutation brought for the first time the need for social improvement and development. 1000 years ago took place the second mutation of this social animal, the industrial sapiens. The industrial sapiens organized its social curiosity towards innovation. Such development provided tools that eased the process towards self and social improvement.

Nowadays this animal is undergoing its last mutation - a process that is creating a new species closer to a myth, the Homodeus. This species is achieving mystical deeds compared to its predecessor, the Homosapiens. It is striving to embrace not only eternal youth but also divine characteristics such as creation and destruction. The very existence of such species is based on technology. Technological instruments nowadays provide for the foundations of every human interaction.

Such developments are spurring a social pathology among humans known as the fear of missing out (FOMO). The advancements of our innovations are out-competing our ability to naturally adapt and embrace innovation. For this reason, the good old fashioned territorial communities are leaving the place to the virtual online communities. We are finding virtual networking to be way more fit for our beliefs, ambitions, and lifestyle. With endless nodes of technological evolvement that interact endlessly with each other, the human has never seen a wider opportunity to evolve and materialize towards its ambitions.

Since the Homo Sapiens became socially aware, it used numbers as a means of measuring value. For thousands of years, we have strived to gather more and more numbers to prove our value in this world. The tradition continues. The Homodeus uses the same unit of measurement for its value while breathing. Gathering numbers is carved in our DNA and our brain synapses because it gives value to our existence. Therefore we will try every socially acceptable technique to gather as much as we can of these numbers.

At this point, you are wondering why you are still reading this piece of information. Is this valuable for you?

Well, our dear reader let us define what ForexRollers is in this endless ocean of information and innovation. ForexRollersis a community of Homosapiens that have embraced the mutation towards the Homodeus, which has proved to be very valuable for us. Yes, Value! We have already gathered our numbers and we have proved to our existence that we have value. This community is exactly the carnation of one of our mystical deeds, to Create. We strive to create trends that serve the benefit of our natural and social environment. We believe that the world is a better place if prosperity is reachable by everyone if everyone can have value.

  • More packes
  • Less introductions with systems
  • A variety of operators

The basic interaction that has catalyzed prosperity throughout our history is trade. Marketplaces have always enabled humans to elevate their statuses from zero to hero. The advantage of our time of existence is that marketplaces are not anymore bounded by territorial conditions. Today, the market is the world, and anyone can trade. All you need is the right package of knowledge and guidance. Stories of self-made young and old millionaires can be found in every corner of the world. Inspiring and optimistic, these stories do not prove anything else besides the urge and ability of these humans to adapt to change.

Most probably you have watched a lot of motivational videos and speeches about getting rich and getting rich fast.  We are not here to do that because we cannot do it better than them, we are not preachers. We are here because some years ago we asked ourselves the same question. While climbing we realized that richness is not the answer. Value is the answer. Value in elevating ourselves together with everyone that we interact with. Value in handing-off a world and a society that serves best in the next generations.

Why Forexrollers?

By now, you are questioning HOW? ForexRollers is the answer. Unless you have an incredible talent or you consider yourself the most creative human it is fairly difficult for you to make millions and climb up there.

Our way to “up there” is simple enough to be embraced by everyone. The Forex market is worth $5 Trillion a day, almost 25 times more than the US Stock Market. As everything of this massive magnitude, it has room for everyone to have a part of it. It is open 24 hours a day, 5 days of the week, and 365 days a year. Everyone can easily combine forex trading with other responsibilities. The forex market offers greater leverage than the stock market, a factor that can potentially amplify gains as well as losses. It can accommodate and satisfy everyone with the right ambitions and vision to embrace change. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill “To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often”.

In the Rollers community, you will have a glance at what it is like to have a look above the clouds, and in the meantime, you will be guided towards the stairs that can send you up there. Once you will have a taste of your real value, you will start looking for subjects to share it with. Enough of taking the news, start making your news, your own stories. Start being an actor in the future, and stop being a critic.

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