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A Trader's Christmas

  • How my trading Christmas went.
  • Facing difficulties on wanting to withdraw my funds.
  • Doubts I had over the trading platform.

Christmas is a good time of the year because people celebrate and spread the love with each other. You feel a certain vibe, with the atmosphere around full of lights that puts you in a dream world.

Milan is amazing during this time of the year. You can visit Santa House at the Ippodromo Snai, see a show on the CheBanca National Theater or spend your day at the Christmas Village.

Everything was looking so beautiful this last Christmas. But the truth is I was getting stressed out.

I wasn't feeling well that morning before going to work. Didn't eat at all. I have started as a back office for some medical company and that morning I was rushing there as always. I took a cab. When blue I try to avoid crowds and noisy places. I prefer routine.

Conversations about life and problems are always a topic with my driver. He has had a life completely different than mine. I find it fascinating that no story is the same. He told me he was going on a trip to Greece with his family.

Those vacations for which I have paid every morning taking this cab. It felt strange. Was I being selfish? I was feeling very greedy. Or unhappy that my holidays were going to be simple. No plans at all. I thought I deserved a trip too. Somewhere around the world. But my inner critic voice told me I was not so sure about that.

So I arrived at work and entered my office.

Two of my colleagues were talking about how Christmas went.

I opened my computer, drinking a hot coffee hearing the very distant voices of my colleagues. I couldn't wait to see how the market was going and what profits I could make that day. I logged on the platform as I did for a month watching the same page. There was no curiosity about it anymore.

I wanted to make a small withdrawal from my account but they requested a second time my id. That was necessary so it could complete the identification process which was pending.

My bonus to trade with a simple account after verification had ended. Now to start trading one more time I had to confirm my identification. So there was no bonus account available to trade right away. I provided billing from the bank as part of the documents.

Having done that I didn't get any response if my document was sent. I was starting to get anxious. The support team was leading me nowhere. They looked like a bunch of morons typing different opinions on the other side. The responses were slow with every operator taking too long to check and responding.

Most of the answers were questions, which made me more angry and anxious than I was before. The fact that I couldn't withdraw my profits with the card the same way I made the deposit was even worse.

I had my bank option though for that part. Guided by emotions I started to make childish questions and accusations. The cherry on the cake was the support team telling me that there was also a refund way for a withdraw option. I was determined to understand what that was.

The support team answered me back' “Do you want to know how to withdraw?”

Duh! That was exactly what I wanted to know. I was talking about that for half an hour how could he still make me that question. He was a beginner, or he was a random scammer and that idea drove me crazy. How did I invest my money like that?

Marco had told me that this platform was serious but they were acting differently. The support team explained to me that they would request the financial office so they could send my money on my card. All I had to do was to answer three informative questions but at that stage, I closed the live chat afraid of going on.

The back office responded to me that they were still missing my full residential address. I was confused with all the misunderstandings and I needed time to think. I needed Marko's advice but it wasn't the right time to share it with him. Time had passed and I was getting no answer from the support team. I am going to talk about what happened after that, in the next article.