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Ferrero Rocher: The Chocolate Empire Of A Billionaire

  • Who made Ferrero Rocher.
  • How was the company build.
  • How did it became a billionaire empire of chocolate.
  • Some statistics about the Ferrero Rocher deliciousness.

Michele Ferrero is the founder of one of the greatest chocolate company which produces Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Eggs, Mon Cheri and so many other sweets which we all adore. His corporation was formed in 1946 in Italy and later developed by his son. They produced the famous hazelnut chocolate spread.

As Michele Ferrero declared at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the corporation: “All this company and its workers, owe much whole-heartedly to our Our Lady of Lourdes; if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have done so much.” And indeed, a small statue of her is displayed in each of the Ferrero organizations throughout the world.

Ferrero was the richest guy in Italy with a net worth of almost $25 billion and his company with an estimated value of almost 10.5 billion dollars. He was a man gifted with a strong feeling and faith which went with him along his life journey and which also spent his life away from the spotlight. He was so faithful that he took a pilgrimage every year with the company’s manager to Lourdes. Relating to an English newspaper that displayed a picture of him in 2011, the corporation’s Rocher pralines are falsely reported to have been inspired by the jagged rock grotto, called The Rocher de Massabielle, at the altar in Lourdes.

It all started with diving chocolate into portions. In Italy of the after-war, the mid-1940s, dividing chocolate into portions meant that chocolate was really hard to acquire. Pietro, Michel’s son, had the belief of adding hazelnuts to a small amount of cocoa to form a creamy version of gianduja, the hazelnut chocolate spread that was created in Turin during Napoleon’s era  -an era when chocolate very rare to find.

Ferrero Rocher with decoration
Italian chocolate sweets Ferrero Rocher with decoration.

The spreading wasn’t always so spreadable. Gianduja paste was initially sold in a block that was designed to be carved and eaten with bread, a crucial part of the Italian menu and diet. Shops would make costumers who bought break, to taste it with some chocolate spread for free.

The name has its origin back to 1964. Ferrero relabeled the hazelnut spread when the final product was published in the UK during the ‘60s which makes it half a century ago. Last year, to mark the 50th anniversary, Italy published 2.5m symbols and emblems blended with an image of Nutella. The symbols, which had a value of €0.50, were launched as part of a series that honored and praised the country's economic system.

Michele Ferrero is considered and appreciated by displaying and sharing Nutella around the world. It was his idea to add some vegetable oil in his father’s recipe to make the paste spread more easily and put it into the now-iconic glass jars.

But a big crucial juncture came in 1988. Nutella's three-year sponsor patronage deal of the Italian national football team aided set the foundation of the idea of Nutella as essentially Italian and partner the spread with healthy eating and fitness.

There’s much more to Ferrero than Nutella. Ferrero was also behind Kinder Eggs, Tic Tacs - almost half of which are created in the corporation’s factory in Cork, Ireland and, Ferrero Rochers, the luxurious younger sibling of the hazelnut mixture.

Hazelnuts are still very crucial. Ferrero is still the world’s biggest purchaser of hazelnuts, using 25 pieces of global supply. With 95 hazelnuts in each 750g jar, and 12m jars of different sizes sold each year… well, that’s a lot of hazelnuts. The difficult weather of Turkey during 2014, made the creation more than two-thirds of the world’s hazelnuts, raised the price of the nut by around 60pc - but Ferrero has assured itself against these market urges by buying Olten, a major manufacturer of Turkish hazelnuts.

Michele's authority is now definitely global. With Italian roots and Turkish hazelnuts, Nigerian cocoa, Brazilian sugar, Malaysian vegetable oil and other components from Australia, South America, Western Europe, Russia, and Canada, it is truly and fully spread throughout the world.

Who can take a sunrise and spread some moisture on top of it? Forbes magazine mentioned Michele Ferrero’s names as one who was often been named after a real-life Willy Wonka, “the richest candyman on the planet”. His wealth is worth $25billion which makes him the wealthiest man in Italy - taking over Giorgio Armani, Silvio Berlusconi and Luxottica, the founder Leonardo Del Vecchio.

That statistic emphasizes the corporation’s spiraling size. In just three generations, Pietro's small shop has evolved into a giant that sells goods in more than 150 countries, employs 50,000 people and makes 355,000 tons of Nutella annually. How can this huge and marvelous corporation have had any competitors? Who in the world would have chosen anything else before Nutella and Ferrero’s chocolates? I don’t think any. Their taste of pure chocolate is still people’s favorite, no matter the price or the small size f the chocolate.

The fact that they followed a very strict and appropriate way of creating this whole fabric of greatness and chocolate, is one and maybe the most important

Ferrero’s principles are so rigid and right, they are our loving favorite chocolate company not only because of the quality sweetness they provide:

      · Are excellent in the quality and safety of products;

     · Are so committed to the guardianship of human rights and careful not to make any mistake regarding that area;

       · They have the best environmental protection which is tenable and continual