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6 Big Companies Which Are Using Blockchain Technology

  • How is huawei using blockchain.
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Many organizations still work using a web of fax machines, handwriting, and belt out databases displayed and shared throughout different states and contractors. The very complex and unique result is fully developed for division, and huge organizations are speculating and betting that decentralized systems can help.

Here are some corporations which use blockchain in real-time activity:

1. FedEx

FedEx Boeing
The model 757-200 N972FD cargo plane departure and take off at Vienna International Airport

FedEx has now become the first big shipping to include Blockchain Technology in its supply chain management. So far, they are using Blockchains to mark the path of high-value consignment and are near to plan the extension of the functionality to almost all their shipments. In addition to that, they are also aiding to better the Blockchain-based manufacturing guidelines for supply chain logistics confirming and reaching the goal themselves as pioneers in this field.

2. KIK

Kik mobile app on the display of tablet PC.

KIK is one of the online chat mediums with over 500 million users. KIK achieved its ICO in 2017 and had recently joined and unified the Kin cryptocurrency in its medium which can be used to make payments to other users of the platform. The Kin Foundation declared that it would be available to offer zero-fee transactions by using its unique system of connections. KIK aims to merge blockchain-based payments into assistance that people already use developing and helping to maintain an entire economy around their cryptocurrency.                            

3. Microsoft

Microsoft sign on a building in NYC.
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company.

Microsoft is another tech giant that has been part of Blockchain Technology since its beginning. Microsoft had started accepting Bitcoin payments on its website in 2014 when nearly no one had even heard of cryptocurrencies. Microsoft has also made safe some 50 patents about the use of Blockchains as payment browsers and for safe storage. Bill Gates and a few of his nonprofit dispersed have watched Blockchains try and better the mechanisms within their corporation. Microsoft is also letting businesses and developers expand their Blockchain using Stratis in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service found and developed by Microsoft for building, testing, expanding and managing applications Microsoft-managed data centers.                      

4. Mastercard

Mastercard plastic electronic card macro close up view

Mastercard has signed more than 40 Blockchain-related licenses, some under the title of “Method and System For Instantaneous Payment Using Recorded Guarantees,” which looks like it wants to indicate that they are creating their Blockchain-based payment gateways. It is said that Bitcoin is to be decentralized to payment strategies like Mastercard and VISA so it makes sense that they would explore their private alternatives to Bitcoin-based payments.                             

5. Huawei Technologies

A Huawei mobile phone generated by android based OS.
Huawei currently being blacklisted by US and Lost access to Android and Google.

Huawei aims to use Blockchains to manage the mobile industry even further to decrease deception and trickery. Huawei stated in a recent press release that, “Blockchain Technology offers mobile carriers superb opportunities to support the transformation of business models through new network layers, which can revolutionize how data integrity is verified and value and rights are transmitted and tracked over the infrastructure to subscribers.”                                            

6. Bank of America

Bank of America is a banking and financial services corporation
The logo of Bank of America in modern office building in Beverly Hills

Bank of America has recently administered for 10 more blockchain-related licenses, a sign that the bank is open to using Blockchains in its strategies. Bank of America is hopeful to use open-sourced account books to create more effective financial transactions for consumers and businesses. Combined with Ripple’s XRP token, Bank of America can save billions of cash every year in cross-border fees.