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6 Best Careers To Choose For This Decade

  • Home health aides.
  • A personal financial adviser importance.
  • Everything is going the app way.
  • The help from a physical therapy.
  • The upcoming alternative energies.

For those of us who happened to be around in 2009, exactly a decade ago, we can attest to the myriad of evolution that has taken place regarding the career options we have today.

Back then, careers like social media managers, SEO analysts, Cloud architects, and mobile app developers didn’t exist.  Look around today, and you can’t fail to notice the massive changes that have taken place, within a relatively short period.

The job market today is a perfect relic of a different era. The internet has given a green light, to some career options which may have been scraped off by the comprehensive adoption of technology.

With this awareness, why not try to predict what will thrive ten years from today?

There is so much hype about robots replacing humans in multiple scopes in the future, but truth is, this is not entirely the case. With technological advancement, we are about to witness an eruption of creative innovations that will still warrant human intervention.

How appalling is that!

You can’t afford to just sit on the sidelines and watch as the job market becomes explosive. Instead, consider our list:

1. Home Health Aides

Middle age caregiver
Elderly woman sitting in the garden.

This is one of the career paths that will continue to shine bright as projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Truth is, health sectors all over the world are likely to take home the biggest piece of the cake in regards to technological advancements.  Different dynamics of health have already undergone massive revolutions as early as now, yet we are just getting started.

Artificial intelligence and robots are no longer alien, and the need for a medical practitioner in the future may as well be phased out. Shortly patients will need a prolific home health aide who is conversant with artificial intelligence. Today, we have medical apps and online programs that enable patients’ medical intel to be right under their noses. Will there be a need to physically go for checkups?

Aging baby boomers and the compact future hospital spaces will be instrumental in propelling the need for home health aides. Due to easy access to patient information online, our future hospitals may as well be at home. These aides, though under concise supervision, will assume the roles of doctors and nurses. The compulsion to stay in a hospital for a prolonged time will be obsolete. Patients with physical and cognitive disabilities and chronic illnesses will be saved the anguish of lonely hospital rooms. These aides will mainly be required to help patients get dressed, check temperatures and pressure, administration of drugs and dietary regulations. Home health aides are most preferred with a minimum of a high school diploma; after which they undergo on the job training from a registered nurse.

2. Personal Financial Advisors

Business people
Two Business people discussing a graph in an office.

Do you find it hard to come up with a well-written budget or financial plan? In case you have never sought the assistance of a financial advisor, you could try out.

Whether you need help with managing your debts, or you don’t have a clue on which investment is good for you, these financial gurus are there to direct your path towards financial sobriety. What exactly do they offer? These professionals are meant to advise clients on a wide array of issues such as investments, insurance, mortgages, estate planning, taxes, and retirement.

The best part about hiring one is the experience of having a personalized contact with a trusted professional, who has answers to all your finance-related questions.

A degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or business is mandatory if you wish to venture in this career path.

3. Application Software Developers

Two female programmers
Two female programmers working on a new project late at night.

I still have my hopes pinned on having a personal encounter with the creative minds behind all my favorite apps. What would we do without mobile applications though!

Today, almost everything we need is just an app away. These are amazing times to be an app developer. The growing need for application software in literally every endeavor will catalyze the need for more software developers.

 The internet today is already accessible to every individual, regardless of age or locality.

If you have a creative mind, and innovation intrigues you, then we have guessed right. This is the right direction for your career!

Performing tasks manually may as well be outdated in the next decade, and apps will be our new necessities. Software programmers work closely with computer programmers to design different pieces of application systems, come up with a variety of models and diagrams, document every aspect of an application system, and create optimum software.

Mobile App Developers are still part of software developers but are constrained to mobile technology.

Software developers are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a computer-related field.

4. Alternative Energy Consultants

Exposure engineers
Refinery background on industry concept.

The earth today is entirely dependent on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. In the next decade, however, these fuels will be depleted and we will have to turn to alternative energy sources like solar, hydroelectric power, geothermal and wind energies. If you don’t want to consistently worry about job security, then you could consider this field. Already, renewable energy technicians like Solar photovoltaic installers and wind turbine technicians, are gaining momentum in their careers with increased adoption of renewable energy sources.

Their main job is to ensure the efficient functioning of equipment that collects, generates and distributes these alternative sources of energy. Anyone who would wish to be a renewable energy technician should brace themselves for some physical work, entailing a lot of standing and bending for long periods. I wouldn’t advise anyone with an inclination towards acrophobia to try this out, because these technicians often work on top of tall structures.

Renewable energy consultancy is one career niche that is not only lucrative but will be booming soon.

5. Physical Therapy Assistant

People doing exercises
special exercises under supervision in a room.

The next 10 years will see an increase in the aged population. Aging can sometimes be accompanied by unprecedented illnesses or physical setbacks. Most people are unable to retain the strength and oomph of their youth, and more often than not, require assistance to do a lot of things.

PTAs come in handy. They work under the supervision of Physical therapists, either in hospitals or in patients residences.

Here is a simple overview of what they are required to do is:

Observe patients before, during and after therapy and report to a senior physical therapist.

Assist patients perform specific exercises, as part of a prescribed recovery plan,

Apply diversified, specific treatment techniques on patients, such as massage and stretching.

Educate the patients’ caregivers on what to do once treatment is completed.

6. Statisticians

Team working together
analyzing business data on a laptop.

Statisticians are mainly employed by Market Research companies, Government statistics services, hospitals and health departments, educational bodies and many more. In the next decade, the world population is likely to shoot up, hence more human intel will be available. A statistician simply gathers numerical data and analyzes it, then displays it. This helps companies to make sense of quantitative data, spot trends and make predictions.

They also help in applying mathematical and statistical techniques to help solve real-world in business, engineering, healthcare, and other fields. Statistics is so diverse, and this is one career scope that allows you to work from anywhere.

It would be impossible to completely put down all the promising careers because they are so many. The world is evolving, and the least we can do is evolve with it.